Tuesday, February 21, 2023

[nrhhh] Fwd: Invitation to all Northern Rivers hash members

Hi Gary

Could you please pass on the following to all your members and post on your sites please.

Cheers and On On


On behalf of the Border H4, I am proud to invite you to the Border H4 "XXX-IV Years of Hashing Weekend" to be held on the 26-28 May 2023 at the Murwillumbah Showgrounds.

It is expected that on 27 May, registration will start at 11.30-12pm with a light lunch available. The run and walk will begin around 2pm(ish) and dinner that night after the circle. There will be a  plentiful bucket provided at the circle. Breakfast will be served on Sunday morning and then everyone can make their way to other venues. 

We are hoping for 60-70 people max as the venue prefers no more. We can take no more than 25 vans with power and tents and there is undercover available for swags.

There will be a flyer out shortly. Costs are $90 campers and $70 for those who get their own accommodation. The camping fees include Friday and Sat night. There is no breaking it up as we need to book out the entire camp to have the exclusive use of the facilities. This is a heads up for you.

We would really appreciate it if you could pass on this information to all previous Border H4 Hashers.


I am taking orders for a T-Shirt which will need to be ordered asap. We are getting the T-Shirt from afar and then having the logo and back design printed locally. Both suppliers require a BIG lead time. So if you want a shirt, I will need to know before 25 February 2023. It is a cool dri polyester shirt (pic below) and the size measurements are below. All up with the printing, it is expected to cost $35-$40. At this stage I need confirmation from you that you want one and your size please.

Cheers and On On
YFront 0408016226

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