Tuesday, October 25, 2022

[nrhhh] Summer camp details

Summer camp is only 2 weeks away and it looks like we will have a good number of campers. 

Individual personal insurance is required for each camper and day visitor for the length of the stay. Once done it needs to be emailed to Fay 2 days prior so that she can forward to the farmer. Suggest bringing a print of it just in case. Below are suggestions of where to get this insurance.
For those aged 55-74 
HCF Personal Accident Insurance ( PAI)
Price $3.20/week 
Buy online at hcf.com.au/recover - cover & select PAI
OR phone 1800 560 855 OR visit HCF office.

For those aged 18-64
Flip (backed by HCF) $9.00/week
They also offer a $6.00 daily rate for a one day visit which is suitable for visitors.
Buy online only.

See mud map of how to get to camp at the end of this email.

A combination lock will be on the first farm gate to ensure only the farmer and campers have access to the farm. A code will be sent out prior to the camp however if forgotten call Fay on 0401 566506 or Hash Brown 0400 602451 for the code. When relocking ensure that the padlock slips thru the farmers lock so that he can unlock his and get access to the paddocks. The second gate is closed but not padlocked, please ensure that it is securely reshut to keep the roos out of the paddocks. It is a working farm so security may change depending on farm activity, we will advise once Fay has arrived.

As we have quite a few campers coming we will need a second pit toilet and toilet tent. Hash Brown has his however it will not be enough for the group, please discuss with Fay. Remember to bring toilet paper.

As we border a national park firewood is limited and will be wet so will need some dry timber from everyone for the first few nights. We can organise a trip to Bunnings during the camp for more supplies.

On On camping.

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