Thursday, October 07, 2021

[nrhhh] Hash Monday October 11

Next week's run will be from Pop Denison Park, Ballina.

The hash esky will be in attendance, nibbles will be available as well.
Under the new NSW Covid guidelines, we are now able to host a gathering of 30 (for Training).

Boundary Creek Update: Nov 9 to Nov 18
Our farmer host as I alluded at the last Hash run has now asked that anyone who wishes to enter his property MUST now have "Personal Injury Liability Insurance" (some insurers have other names for it eg, Personal Accident Ins ).
 Initially I thought this would be a real impediment, however it is not. I ended up looking up "Flip Insurance" who are a subsidiary of HCF. They offer weekly rates of cover for $9/wk, so 7 days costs $9.
However, if you have Health Cover in my case HCF they offer a weekly rate of just $3.15/wk.
So, if you are intending to come down & camp (Dates are Nov 9 to Nov 18) and you have private health insurance they might offer you a similar rate.  You must have this in place before you enter the property, for me it was a really simple process.
Fay will collect the cover notes (email) & forward them to the property owners who were more than happy with that process.

Sorry for the long-winded summary, just do it!!


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