Wednesday, October 20, 2021

[nrhhh] 2021 Hash Camp Boundary Creek




Tuesday 9th to Thursday 18th November 

Hashers, family & friends welcome 


All campers and visitors to the farm are required to have "Personal Accident Liability Insurance" whether staying 1 night or 10 or just visiting for the day. HCF Life have cheapest cover for 55-75 age group or FLIP Insurance for ages 18–64, it's very straightforward. If you require info contact  - 

  • Fay (Slurrr) on 0401 566 506 or  
  • Peter (Hash Brown) 0400 602 451  

    CAMPING COST: $5 per person per night. If a camp is set up this fee only applies when occupied. Max single rate $25. Max couples rate $45. Payment to Slurrr. 

    Run/walk on Saturday 13th at 3pm followed by nibbles and dinner (BYO for COVID purposes).  

    Theme YELLOW for happiness and hope (that we beat Covid) 

    BRING YOUR OWN EVERYTHING especially drinking & bathing water, toilet paper, firewood etc etc 

    RSVP – ASAP to Fay (Slurrr) 0401 566 506 or 



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