Friday, October 29, 2021

[nrhhh] Hash on Monday

Hi Hashers,

There will be food after the run/walk on Monday - so you need to bring a
plate and utensils if you want any...

On On


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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

[nrhhh] Insurance info - Boundary Creek Camping Nov 9 - 18.

I have been asked to clarify the insurance requirements for Boundary Creek.

Ok, to camp each individual visiting the property MUST have 'Personal Injury Liability Insurance'. 

I have used HCF (being a member),  their cover is called 'Life Cover Personal Accident Insurance', cost is $3.15 per week per person. Restrictions are you must be aged between 55 - 75!  It took me less than 5 mins to arrange by phone, 1800 560 855.

Flip Insurance offers very similar cover, their costs are $9.00/week each, again very reasonable. Restrictions are you must be aged 18 - 64. Their online site is easy to navigate.

Alternatively, if you have your own Health Insurance (NIB, BUPA etc) then you may be able to get the cover from them.

The catch is the cover starts from the day you enquire so probably a little too early to organise, but don't leave it too late as a copy of your cover needs to be EMAILED to Slurrr at a few days prior to the 9th Nov. For example, I will arrange 2 weeks cover to start from Nov 4 which will cover the days we are camping. Others are organising from now for 3 weeks just to get it done. Your choice just as long as you cover the camp dates.

Only too happy to help if required.    DO IT!

Hash Brown.

[nrhhh] Hash Trash

Hash trash for Monday 25th October is attached.

Slurrr's hat seems to have found another head to sit on.  Does anyone have it?  (The hat, not the head)

Next week:
Monday 1st November
Hares Goanna and Plugger

Bangalow Parklands, near the old weir and behind the Bangalow Heritage House Museum on Deacon Street. There will be food.

Monday, October 25, 2021

[nrhhh] Hash today Monday 25th Oct

Hi Hashers

We will be meeting this evening in the car park next to the Information Centre at Heritage Park Lismore.  There is a thunderstorm predicted earlier but it will naturally disappear before 6pm.  There will be some light finger food provided.  Heritage Park has a number of covered tables.

on on, Spin Cycle

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

[nrhhh] Hash Trash for 18th October 2021 Pavanotti Hare

see attached.

next run Lismore Heritage Park.  Meet in the carpark next to the Information Centre.

Hare SpinCycle  

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[nrhhh] 2021 Hash Camp Boundary Creek




Tuesday 9th to Thursday 18th November 

Hashers, family & friends welcome 


All campers and visitors to the farm are required to have "Personal Accident Liability Insurance" whether staying 1 night or 10 or just visiting for the day. HCF Life have cheapest cover for 55-75 age group or FLIP Insurance for ages 18–64, it's very straightforward. If you require info contact  - 

  • Fay (Slurrr) on 0401 566 506 or  
  • Peter (Hash Brown) 0400 602 451  

    CAMPING COST: $5 per person per night. If a camp is set up this fee only applies when occupied. Max single rate $25. Max couples rate $45. Payment to Slurrr. 

    Run/walk on Saturday 13th at 3pm followed by nibbles and dinner (BYO for COVID purposes).  

    Theme YELLOW for happiness and hope (that we beat Covid) 

    BRING YOUR OWN EVERYTHING especially drinking & bathing water, toilet paper, firewood etc etc 

    RSVP – ASAP to Fay (Slurrr) 0401 566 506 or 



Tuesday, October 12, 2021

[nrhhh] HHH for 11 Oct 2021

this run report is from Retread.  great Literary content.  see the attached pdf for the photos and long winded HashTrash.

Grin -  ProCol.

Next Monday's HHH is from Little Boulders Beach, hare is Pavanotti. Nibbles will be provided, bring a chair if you want to sit.

Thursday, October 07, 2021

[nrhhh] Hash Monday October 11

Next week's run will be from Pop Denison Park, Ballina.

The hash esky will be in attendance, nibbles will be available as well.
Under the new NSW Covid guidelines, we are now able to host a gathering of 30 (for Training).

Boundary Creek Update: Nov 9 to Nov 18
Our farmer host as I alluded at the last Hash run has now asked that anyone who wishes to enter his property MUST now have "Personal Injury Liability Insurance" (some insurers have other names for it eg, Personal Accident Ins ).
 Initially I thought this would be a real impediment, however it is not. I ended up looking up "Flip Insurance" who are a subsidiary of HCF. They offer weekly rates of cover for $9/wk, so 7 days costs $9.
However, if you have Health Cover in my case HCF they offer a weekly rate of just $3.15/wk.
So, if you are intending to come down & camp (Dates are Nov 9 to Nov 18) and you have private health insurance they might offer you a similar rate.  You must have this in place before you enter the property, for me it was a really simple process.
Fay will collect the cover notes (email) & forward them to the property owners who were more than happy with that process.

Sorry for the long-winded summary, just do it!!


Sunday, October 03, 2021

[nrhhh] HHH Monday 4th October 2021

Hi everybody, with the Lismore lock down hhh at Vicki is off. 

Gary Manning      0266 280099

[nrhhh] Tomorrow's run

Just heard on the 6 o'clock news that Lismore is going into lockdown from tonight.  We'll all be fine for HHH after 11 Oct. See you Lismore hashers then.

Hash Brown