Thursday, September 23, 2021

[nrhhh] Hash Committee Positions

Hi Hashers

It is that time of year when we all duck for cover because the Hash Mismanagement Committee will stand down and their positions need to be filled by unsuitably qualified people.  

Here is a vague description of each position so you can see what you might be unsuitably qualified for:

Grand Master or Grand Mattress:  God.  All powerful. Responsible for everything.  The buck stops here.  An honorary position given in recognition of a NRHHHarrier's contribution.

Religious Advisor (RA):  Irresponsibly run the Hash Circle by picking a run reporter and a walk reporter to highlight events on the run. They are to uphold the tradition of down downs with cheap wine and best beer used for milestones and misdemeanours. Above all they demand, and will be given, respect during the Hash Circle.

Hash Cash:  Gets to collect and count run, nosh and Esky money.  Then, has to pay the bills - to the host, to the Grogmeister and beyond.  All monies going in and out are to be accounted for and it is preferred that monies coming in remain greater than monies going out. This Hasher also keeps tabs on run numbers and dispenses the hot orange vests we parade in.  

Scribe:  Writer of weekly Hash Trash using witty prose to describe the run/walk which should be often, but not always, accurate.  Have liaisons with the Trailmaster and notify Hashers of the next week's run details.  Also have liaisons with the Hash Flash so we can see trashy photos of ourselves.  

Hash Flash:  Takes trashy photos and has reciprocal liaisons with the Scribe.

Trailmaster:  Without a Trailmaster there is no Hash.  Ensures there is a hare and host for every week of the year.  Distribute a receding hareline and update it when Hashers annoyingly change around.  Have reciprocal liaisons with the Scribe.

Grogmeister:  The most popular person at Hash.  The one all Hashers look for upon their return to Home.  The one who fills the Esky with the abovementioned cheap wine and best beer.  Oh, and some ginger beer.

On Sec:  Annoy the Mismanagement Committee with emails asking for opinions and meetings.  Take meeting minutes and distribute to the Committee.  Help out other positions as required.

Please volunteer in order to keep NRHHH mismanaged in to the future.  Let's invigorate Hash after so much disruption in recent times.

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