Wednesday, June 16, 2021

[nrhhh] Hash Trash for Monday 14th June

Hi Hashers,

Hash Trash for the Queens Birthday Run attached.

Next run

21-Jun-21     1874             Upcycler 23 Hurley Street, Lismore  - bring a chair, a plate/bowl etc

Receding Hairline

28-Jun-21     1875             Fay Ditton        Slurr
05-Jul-21      1876             Rosi Brown       Miss Took
12-Jul-21      1877             Garry and Ali    Impulse and Auntie Lush
19-Jul-21      1878             Bob Arnull         Feel Free

For the art lovers, there is a pop-up art market at Federal Church this weekend (including Plugger's artwork)

On On


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