Wednesday, February 24, 2021

[nrhhh] Hash Trash for Monday 22nd February 2021

Hi Hashers,

Hash Trash by Plugger for Monday's run attached.

Next Run:

Run No: 1856          Spincycle & Hash Brown - Geoff Watt Oval on Deegan Drive

Receding Hareline

Run No: 1857     08-Mar-21        Lost with Space & Space Cowboy
Run No: 1858     15-Mar-21        Headlamps
Run No: 1859     22-Mar-21        mpulse & Auntie Lush
Run No: 1860     29-Mar-21        Hootu & Polarised

As we are doing the Trash (well Plugger did) - thought I would make the most of it..

It is that time of year again when I don't act my age and cycle from Melbourne to Dubbo in 9 days. Training the last few weeks in the rain hasn't been much fun and there has been uncertainty in the ride due to COVID. However I am off to Melbourne on Friday and start riding on Saturday. Rick will meet me in Dubbo at the end and we will have a week camping - hopefully restfully.

Anyway  a different fundraising page this year - but all in a good cause.

On On.


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