Wednesday, August 19, 2020

[nrhhh] Headlamps Chikiba Hash Trash 17 August 2020

Hello Hashers

Please find Hash Trash 1830 attached.

Next Run: Miss Vogue on Monday 24th August (Run 1831) 
Where: Reserve on Diadem Street, (between Magellan and Shepperton Streets); just south of Woolworths Caltex Station 

And just in case you have forgotten who Miss Vogue is...

Note that there will be no hash grub for the foreseeable future to ensure that we are complying with COVID19 restrictions

Receding hareline                 Run 1832 - 31/08 – Happy Feet & Bingo
                                                 Run 1833 – 07/09 – Plugger & Goanna

 Summer Camp dates have been booked.  The Summer Camp will be held from 10th to 20th November.

Attached is the NRHHH COVID Safety Plan.  It is a government requirement that all groups have a safety plan.  Please take a minute to download and read this plan.

Please also be aware of the following COVID requirements:

    If you are feeling ill - don't come to hash
    Use the provided hand sanitiser often - especially before taking any drinks out of the esky
    Bottle opener attached to the esky not to be used. All drinks are twist top and if you have problem opening them - then bring your own opener!
    To minimise cross-contamination, each week Hash Cash will take note of your owed amount and, periodically, you will have to settle your account (preferably by direct deposit into the Hash bank account). First settlement will be in September.

On On


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