Friday, July 17, 2020

[nrhhh] FYI - Coronavirus: NSW records eight new cases, Gladys Berejiklian says indoor activities greatest threat of spread

I'm sure you've all seen this but I have to ask - how does this impact on Hash?? 
Concerned and confused as we are soon to host.
Not sure who to send this to in the Hash hierarchy 
Alternative Root

"Twenty people will still be allowed to gather in homes, or outdoors, but Ms Berejiklian  said health officials have said "10 is a safe number".  "We do not want any sort of mingling, that spreads the disease" "It is a good case study of how quickly and how widely the disease can spread and it is a good wake-up call for or have us - all of us - because I feel there was too much complacency in the community and we thought that the worst was behind us but unfortunately it is not," she said. "Life is not back to normal until there is a vaccine or a cure.Ms Berejiklian reminded parents and children at community sport this weekend not to mingle or pretend "life is back to normal"."Sometimes when you look around and see the way people are at and, you would think we are on a different planet.
"We are in a pandemic. We are not different from other parts of the world, we are not different from what is happening in Victoria, we are in the middle of a global pandemic...but we have to accept that life is not normal, it won't be until there is a vaccine please don't let down your guard. "GLADYS

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