Thursday, June 13, 2019

[nrhhh] Hash Trash for 10 June 2019

Take Two. Hash Trash attached this time. Thanks Procol. Least I know someone reads it 😂 
Receding Hareline

17/06/2019 - Bituman - The Workers Club, Lismore (meet out the front). Bituman and Merlin's Birthday Run!
24/06/2019 - Upcycler and Yarnbomber - 23, Hurley Street, Lismore

01/07/19 - Space Cowboy and Lost With Space - Wollongbar Tavern, Wollongbar

08/07/19 - Slurr - 16 Crown Street, Lismore - Winter Soup Run

Upcoming Events

  • Sunday 14th July - Hash walk from Tyagarah to Brunswick Heads. The tides are good for walking that day so meet 9am at Brunswick Heads, car pool, then drive to the beach car park at Tyagarah (parking fees apply as it is a nature reserve - about $7). The walk from Tyagarah to Brunswick Heads takes about 1½ hours. After breakfast/coffee at Brunswick Heads, those who want to can walk back to Tyagarah (Plugger and Goanna will be walking back).
  • Monday 14th October - NRHHH AGPU - Venue TBA

  • Winter Hashing - Now that it is dark by 6pm, remember to bring a torch, wear light coloured clothing, and if you have fluro bands, pop them on.

    Hosting Stuff - NRHHH will reimburse hosts up to $80 for the meal, unless it's a special occasion organized in advance. Hosts and co-hosts who supply the food do not have to pay the $5 nosh charge.

    Happy Feet

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