Thursday, October 04, 2018

[nrhhh] Hash Trash for 1/10/18 is attached

The next run is our Red Dress Run in support of Patrick's Cancer Compassionate Fund.

Remember to look resplendent.


Next Run (no. 1739) – Red Dress Run

When – 8/10/18 at 6pm

Where – Our House at 145 Laurel Ave, Lismore (between Hunter and Diadem Sts)

                        $5 for the run/walk ; $5 for the food ; drink at Hash prices

Hare – Goanna


Receding hareline-

15/10/18 – Feel Free

22/10/18 – Yarnbomber and Upcycler

29/10/18 – AGPU at Rous Mill

                        Consider a position on the Mismanagement Committee


Upcoming events-

8/10/18 – Red Dress Run

29/10/18 – AGPU

6/11/18 – Another opportunity to support The Cancer Compassionate Fund

                        See Patrick about the Melbourne Cup Lunch at The Lismore Workers Club

8-18/11/18 – Hash Camp at Boundary Creek.  Self catering.  Fancy dress theme is The Letter S.


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