Thursday, August 30, 2018

[nrhhh] Hash Trash for 27/8/18 is attached

Hash Trash for 27/8/18 is attached.

Next Run (no. 1734)

When – 3/9/18 at 6pm

Where – The Gollan Hotel Lismore, cnr Woodlark and Keen Sts

                        $12 steaks available.  The Hotel asks that we order our meal before our run.

Hares – Mangler & Aunt Emma

                        We are promised a flat run through South Lismore and a flat walk through East Lismore.



Receding hareline-

10/9/18 – Procol & Alternative Root

17/9/18 – Hootu & Polarised

24/9/18 – Happy Feet & Bingo


Note:  NRHHH will reimburse hosts up to $80 for the meal unless it's a special occasion organized in advance.

                Hosts and co-hosts who supply the food do not have to pay the $5 nosh charge.



Upcoming events-


Aunty Lush has been handing out raffle tickets for us to sell in the lead up to our Red Dress Run 8/10/18.

Make sure you get hold of some.


Our AGPU is scheduled for 29/10/18.


Hash summer camp is 8th-18th November or anytime within those dates.

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