Sunday, August 30, 2015

[nrhhh] NRH3 Committee Nominations Now Open

Hi fellow Hashers,
I know you have all been eagerly awaiting this news!
Please email me if you wish to nominate yourself for one or more positions.
Nominations close on Wednesday 30th September.

Lost With Space ( Sue )

On On

NRH3 Mismanagement Duties  


1. GRAND MASTER/MATTRESS: The head hasher. Ensures committee responsibilities are carried out and that club activities are organised. Gives  inspiration and direction.    NB: Plugger. (Rick) will remain 'in office' as GM for the 2015/16 term to provide some (non)sense of continuity and stability.

2.  RELIGIOUS ADVISER: Runs the Hash circle and keeps it light and entertaining. Extracts walk and run info, announces milestones, birthdays etc. Gives info about the next run.

3. ON SEC: Records minutes of meetings. Manages any admin. Arranges and liaises with committee and other willing hashers notable events (eg Red Dress Run). Keeps records of member details, runs and milestones (organises fluoro tops for milestones). Manages NRH3 Blog/website.


4. HASH CASH: Responsible for collecting run, food and grog money and reimburses the Brewmaster and Hares. Runs petty cash book, keeps financial records and banks club funds.


5.TRAIL MASTER: Makes sure that there's a hare for each hash, preferably 5-6 weeks in advance.  Sends details of hareline to GM , On Sec and to Hash Scribe.


6. HASH SCRIBE: Writes and distributes  Hash Trash weekly. Organises photos to be taken whenever and wherever possible.

7. BREWMASTER: Has the weighty responsibility of making sure that the lifeblood of hashing is available at each and every hash event. Also buys ice and lugs the esky to and from hash. 

8. HABERDASHERY: Responsible for the design, procurement, warehousing, merchandising, and vending of items of apparel and various trinkets for the hash. Orders wine goblets and tankards for milestones.

**CAMPMASTER: (This role will be added to/taken up by one of the committee members.) Organises summer and winter camps and liaises with relevant persons.

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