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[Hhh] Next NRHHH Run 29th June 2015

Next Run (no 1562)
When - Monday 29th June 2015
Where - 16 Crown Street, South Lismore at 6pm
Hare - Slurr (Fay)

Last Run (no 1561)
When - Monday 22nd June 2015
Where - Coachwood Court, Alstonville 
Hares - No More Gaps (Faye) and Saddle Sore (Rod)

A great roll up for the Winter Solstice Run on a wonderfully clear night with a new moon overhead. Those anticipating the flat trails around Alstonville quickly received a sharp jolt, as Hare Saddle Sore led the walkers up the steep slope beside Home. The runners came trotting along behind, a magical string of bobbing lights that Miss Took, who was evidently in a poetic frame of mind, said looked like "fireflies".

Elevation reached, the trail wound an interesting route through Alstonville, with a few on-backs causing some walkers to walk further than they perhaps intended, much to the delight of Hare Saddle Sore (and those walkers who were not fooled by the on-backs). It was great to see the bobbing line of Hash runners lights crossing the walkers on occasions. Yarnbomber wandered past at one stage; alone having lost the main running group. Fortunately she soon linked up with some other runners who appeared to have also strayed.When the Hare turned back, to prepare the Winter Solstice fire, Retread took over leading the walkers through the night. Towards the end of the walk, the walkers meandered through a reserve. In the quiet of the reserve, a gaggle of gossiping walkers could be heard deep in discussion. It is certainly an auspicious time of year with the holy month of Ramadan having just commenced, as signified by the new moon, and also a time of mid-summer festivals throughout Scandinavia and western Russia. In England, the immediate grounds of Stonehenge are opened for the summer solstice. However, our gaggle had, for them, a much more interesting topic on their minds - g strings.

Back Home, a blazing fire lit the Hash area and chairs were soon assembled around the flickering firelight.

Religious Adviser Upcycler called a Circle and asked about the hash trail.

Space Cowboy spoke at length about the walk and then rambled on even further. Apparently he was in some discomfort as he had left his angina spray behind. Hashers who mis-heard the word 'angina' were somewhat confused about the source of his discomfort. Apart from the initial hill, he said he found the walk incredibly flat with wonderfully wide streets. A baby possum on a fence had provided some entertainment and he was concerned about how quiet and peaceful the streets of Alstonville appeared to be. Space Cowboy speculated that the residents must have their own form of entertainment behind closed curtains.

Upcycler spoke about the run which, he determined, had been set by a complete 'bastard' as he had lost count of the number of on-backs that had been set. Overall, he thought the run was excellent, although at times it caused a near rebellion, which sounded just as a hash run should.  

Down Downs were downed by:

Saddle Sore - Hare for a 'bastard' of an excellent hash
Hash Brown - Co Hare for the run
No More Gaps - Co Hare for the Winter Solstice Run
Tea Bag - Stupendous 250 runs - Well Done!
Yarnbomber - Birthday Girl - Congratulations!

Charges were also laid upon:
Retread - for saying that she would "be bringing up her dinner later". The thought of a regurgitating Retread was quite disconcerting.
Slurrr - for deeply discussing g strings and advising that she had worn one for two weeks, which brought on even more disconcerting thoughts.

Many Thanks to Hare Saddle Sore for a great hash trail and thanks to No More Gaps for her excellent hosting of the hash. To celebrate Winter Solstice, 'hash beanies' were handed out (again thanks to No More Gaps for arranging the beanies and all the hard work of sewing on the hash badges). It was commented that the scrum was more like a Myer Sale when the beanies were given out.

Scrumptious hash nosh and Yarnbomber birthday cake was served up around the blazing fire, surrounded by happy multi-coloured beanie-wearing hashers. A great Winter Solstice Run!

NOTE: NRHHH blue tee shirts are still available for the amazing price of $10!!!!
Receding Hareline

06.07.2015  - Patrick Fitz-Bugden
13.07.2015   - Simon and Dayle Morrison

Note: NRHHH will reimburse Hares up to $80 only for the meal unless its a special occasion organised in advanced.

UPCumming Hashes

Bali Interhash is being held May 20th-22nd 2016 if anyone is interested (Plugger and Goanna are going):

Gathering of the Clans Hash - Mudgeeeraba October 11th 2015
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