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[Hhh] Next HRHHH Run 12th January 2015

Hi Hashers

Next Run (no 1539 )
When - Monday 12th January 2015 at 6pm
Where - 157 Invercauld Road, Goonellabah
Hares - Impulse and Auntie Lush

Last Run (no 1538 )
When - Monday 5th January 2015
Where - House With No Steps, Wardell Road, Alstonville at 6pm
Hares - Saddle Sore and No More Gaps

A good turnout for the first NRHHH run of 2015. For a change, the hash set off from the House With No Steps car park. Apparently, the farm manager did not want the hash to drive down to our usual starting place as he was concerning we may thoughtlessly damage the roots of the macadamias.  Preposterous - research has shown that roots are firmly in the thoughts of hashers. After a few instructions from the Hare Saddle Sore, the runners were led off at a modest pace by a very seedy-looking Hash Brown, who had obviously indulged in some hard core partying over the Christmas and New Year break. When you are in your sixties you can no longer party with the young crowd, especially one-year olds, without suffering the effects later.

Meandering through the Water Park and out onto the plantation, Saddle Sore led the walkers under a barbed wire fence, where we were joined by the runners, and down across thistle strewn paddocks. Goanna, after deviating from the pack at one stage to fossick in a rubbish pile, turned back, her knees and downward slopes not being in accord with one another.

Just before the spectacular Marshall Falls, Saddle Sore had a spectacular fall of his own. However, as we were 'tiptoeing through the thistles', not actually having permission to be in this paddock, his fall was not greeted with loud raucous cheers. Climbing back up the hill, another barbed wire fence was encountered. Lost With Space provided a running commentary on the techniques that hashers used to shuffle under the barbed wire. Noticing that there was an electric wire running along the fence, someone asked if it was in fact electrified. One hasher, with smoking hands, confirmed it was.

After a slippery descent, the pack arrived at the equally spectacular cascade falls. The tumble and splash of the water could just be heard above the ferocious humming of clouds of mozzies. A few intrepid hashers went in for a swim - Space Cowboy (sporting speedos in honour of the PM), Saddle Sore, Hug Me, Hash Brown, Retread and Scrambled Eggs. A few wiser souls, led by No More Gaps, headed for home whilst they still had some blood left. Apparently, Saddle Sore had another spectacular fall and Scrambled Eggs walked into a macca tree. Perhaps the sight of Space Cowboy in speedos was just too much for them.

Back at the drinks esky, the hash were growing increasingly concerned  for some missing hashers, who had not returned from the cascade pool. It was felt that if they did not return soon, they were possibly lost, so we had better start the circle without them and, if they had not shown up by the end of the circle, we could just leave some food on a table for them.  However, they finally returned, just as the circle was about to commence.

Hash Brown, looking even more seedier, spoke briefly about the brief run, which he said was short. It was probably about 400 metres.

Space Cowboy spoke at length about the walk. Almost longer than the actual walk itself. He said it was a wonderfully electrifying walk, with the challenges of barbed wire followed by a lovely swim.

With two waterfalls and three hasher falls, it was noted as a 'Five Falls Hash'.

Down Downs were given to:

Saddle Sore - Hare for a spectacular 'falls' run
No More Gaps - Co-Hare who led a breakaway group to safety, far from the clouds of pesky mozzies
Terry and Sue - Virgin Hashers, dubbed 'Tiramasu' by Hash Brown, who had really just come to see Marshall Falls - but welcome anyway!

Excellent hash grub was served up by No More Gaps including pie that sounded to have a bizarre combination of ingredients, but was absolutely wonderful. Plugger ate a lot. Many thanks to the Hares for a great hash run and grub!

Receding Hareline

19.01.2015 - Gary Manning and Maryanne Meginess
26.01.2015 - Rick and Anna Molloy (Australia Day)
02.02.2015 - Pete and Alison Brown
09.02.2015 - ?????????????
16.02.2015 - Red Dress Run!

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