Tuesday, October 14, 2014

[Hhh] NRHHH AGPU - Current Committee Nominations

Hi Hashers

The AGPU (Annual General Piss Up) is on Monday 27th October to select a Hash Mismanagement Committee. It will be a free night, no payment for the run, food or grog!

Currently, we have
nominations for the Hash Committee  as follows:

Hash Patron - Hash Brown (Pete)
Grand Master - Plugger (Rick), supported by Hash Brown when away
Religious Adviser - Upcycler (Simon)
Hash Cash - Slurrr (Fay)
Trail Master - No More Gaps (Faye)
Blog Mistress -
No More Gaps (Faye)
Brew Master - Procol (Gary)
Web Master -
Procol (Gary)
On Sec - Lost With Space (Sue)
Hash Scribe - Goanna (Anna)
Hash Haberdashery - Toe Cutter (Mary-Anne)

Further nominations are welcome. It is expected that the Hash Committee will change every 12 months, at the AGPU, which is usual for a Hash Committee.

Look forward to seeing you there!



Rick Molloy  PO Box 95  Federal  NSW 2480  02 6684 9451

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