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[Hhh] Next NRHHH Run 29th September 2014

Hi Hashers,

Next Run (no 1523)
When - Monday 29th September, 6pm 
Where - 11 Martin Street, East Lismore
Hare - Tea Bag (Leah) 

Last Run (no 1522)
When -Monday 22nd September, 6pm 
Where - Tattersall Hotel, Keen St, Lismore
Hare - Kizzme (Kate)  - Birthday Run!

Note: AGPU (Annual General Piss Up) on Monday 27th October to select Hash Mismanagement Committee - free nosh and grog!

In front of an already busy Tatts pub, Virgin Hare Kizzme called "Hash Quiet" slightly early. She was obviously keen to lose her Hash Hare virginity without further delay. Tea Bag also seemed keen to get going and raced off, leading out the running group.  It did not last long, as Kizzme and Procol (who had provided some technical Hare assistance) charged past.

(Mary-Anne) confidently led off the walkers, down towards the river. It was good to see Karen back for another run, after the drenching she received on her first run out at Alstonville. Also, a welcome return to Sue, who has just returned from her Celtic music pub crawl around Ireland.

Losing the runners, as they went on a longer loop, the walkers passed under a bridge and meandered a winding route beside the river. Wanting to 'step it out', Upcycler and Yarnbomber, jogged off, following the well marked trail. At a Hash Halt by the rowing club, Karen was trying to work out what the different arrow marking meant, believing there should be some logic behind the arrows. There is a logic, but it was not too apparent from the trail markings. The walkers carried on and, by the time they had reached the next bridge, darkness had fallen. At another Hash Halt, Upcycler and Yarnbomber appeared from out of the deep darkness, only to disappear off again.

Arriving at a large W sign that pointed back towards town, Toecutter advised that the Hare had mistakenly placed the sign too early, and the walkers were to continue walking away from the town. However, the W sign was not too early for some walkers as Goanna, Saddle Sore, No More Gaps and Tea Bag took the opportunity, under the cover of darkness, to take the early W trail home. The remaining walkers, with Auntie Lush stoically supporting from the rear, carried on and climbed a short, sharp hill (yes, another 'pinch') before turning back towards town. On the crest of the hill, the runners came pounding past. It was noted that, for some of the runners, 'pounding' is not an accurate description of the leaden pace with which they crested the hill.

Back in the city centre, the walkers re-joined the 'early W sign' hash walkers, who seemed to have had an enjoyable hash walk through the streets themselves. Together again, they walked back On Home to the pub, arriving back at the same time as the runners.

The pub was very busy but the Hare had booked a table so the hash enjoyed large meals with some great beers. Bituman said he always wondered why Procol was sometimes also called 'Wizz'. He said he now understood as, during the run, Procol, heavily illuminated by the headlamps of all the other runners, stopped for a 'Wizz'. On such illuminating observations is NRHHH founded.

A great Virgin Hare Hash that was appreciated by both the runners and walkers. Many thanks to Virgin Hare Kizzme for organising a well received Hash run and pub 'On Home'.

No Down Downs, as a pub run,but Hash Birthday wishes to Hash Birthday Girls Kizzme and Slurrrr.

Bituman joined the Birthday Girls in celebrating their birthdays, a pleasure he seems to have found, at the very least, a hair-raising experience.

Receding Hareline

6/10/2014                   Labour Day     Dame Edna and Africa, Tony's Cafe, Compton Drive, East Ballina at 3pm
13/10/2014                Vicky
20/10/2014                Bob Arnull
27/10/14                     AGPU (Annual General Piss Up) and night to select a Hash Mismanagement Committee
3/11/2014                  Mike and Lou Hogan
10/11/2014                Procol
17/11/2014                Jann Rowe


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