Wednesday, September 10, 2014

[Hhh] Next NRHHH Run 15th September 2014

Hi Hashers,

Next Run (no 1521)
When - Monday 15th September, 6pm 
Where - Northern Rivers Hotel, Cnr Bridge and Terania Streets, North Lismore; NOTE: 2 for 1 meal deal
Hares - Goanna and Plugger

Last Run (no 1520)
When -Monday 8th September, 6pm 
Where - 8 Cooke Avenue, Alstonville
Hare - Scrambled Eggs (Greg)

The Umbrella Run! It wasn't meant to be, as the skies had cleared in the afternoon. Just before setting off, a possum that had balanced on a wire over the gathering hash, took flight, and the heavens opened. Wisely, the possum had gone for shelter. Unwisely (but we are hashers) the hash set off into the driving rain. The runners set off in one direction and a colourful parade of umbrellas set off in the other. From beneath the spokes of an umbrella in the pouring rain, most of the streets looked the same. Very wet. The runners jogged past the walkers a few times. Strangely, they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

After a couple of Hash Halts, to make sure that no one had got lost or drowned, Hare Scrambled Eggs stopped at a rain-swept reserve and offered the walkers two options. A short cut home across the sodden reserve or a long trail around a less sodden footpath. Apart from Saddle Sore (Rod) and Dung Beetle (Mike),who took the long trail, the hash voted with their feet and sloshed across the squelching grass. Everyone was drenched by this stage anyway.

On the thankfully dry deck of Hare Scrambled Eggs, the hash warmed themselves with very cold beer (Brew Master Procol having taken particular care to ice the beer early) and formed a circle.

No More Gaps (Faye) spoke about the walk which, given the miserable night, had a high number of hashers but, unfortunately for some, a lower number of umbrellas. Commenting that it had been wet, No More Gaps seemed pleased to note it was also short  and that there were no hills. As well as one of Scrambled Eggs garden gnomes, there were quite a number of (very wet) dogs on the walk and it was dubbed a 'Three Dog Night' (amazingly they are still performing and are playing in Saginaw Milwaukee on September 20th if anyone is interested).

Polarised (Narina) spoke about the run which, as suspected, the runners had all enjoyed, even though it was not a night to be wearing mascara. Being a core of highly dedicated runners, but resembling drowned rats, they had found the run to be good and especially welcomed the wine and warmth once it was over. 

Down Downs were given to:

Scarambled Eggs - Hare on a exceptionally wet night
Karen - Virgin Hasher who we hope does not contract pneumonia after being so thoroughly drenched and comes again to NRHHH
Feel Free (Bob) - offered a Down Down in memory of Ross, who departed last weekend

Bituman (Patrick) told a hilarious 'Spoonerism' story, based on Cinderella, accompanied by Slurrrr (Fay) whose miming was equally hilarious.

Scrambled Eggs served up dinner which soon had the lazy susan whizzing around. Many thanks to Hare Scrambled Eggs for hosting the hash and persevering with the trail on such a dreadful night.

Receding Hareline

22/09/2014                 Kizzme (Kate), Lismore
29/09/2014                 Leah
6/10/2014                   Labour Day     Dame Edna and Africa ??????
27/10/14                     AGPU (Annual General Piss Up) and night to select a Hash Mismanagement Committee

NOTE: Bali Interhash  20-22 May 2016 - start saving now....


--   Rick Molloy  PO Box 95  Federal  NSW 2480  02 6684 9451

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