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[Hhh] Hash Trash - 14/07/2014

Hi Hashers,

Next Run (no 1513)
When - Monday 21 July, 6pm
Where - 35 Duke St Goonellabah
Hares - Procol (Gary)

Last Run (no 1512)
When - Monday 14 June, 6pm
Where - Martin Dve, East Lismore
Hares - Tea Bag (Leah)

"It never rains at Hash" I have been told a number of times.  Unfortunately it appears that nobody bothered to tell the weather gods.  A fine drizzle alternating with showers welcomed all those who attended Tea Bag's hash run this week.

It isn't clear if the rain, cold, holidays, illness or general apathy are impacting on hash numbers, but once again they were disappointingly low.  Those of us who did make the effort shrugged our shoulders against the rain and set off on our respective walks/runs.

Polarised (Narina) and Procol were the only two runners, and took off at a smoking pace and were quickly out of site.  The eight walkers took a more sedate pace in the same general direction.  Unfortunately the rain had done a good job of washing away some of the chalk marks (I am reliably informed by Tea Bag that she actually had to go out twice to set the trail due to earlier rain) but the walkers had a general idea of which way to head, and made the rest up as they went.  The rain stopped after a short while and brolleys could be closed and rain coats removed.

Both the runners and walkers reassembled inside at Tea Bags house and Procol provided a report of the run, reporting that it was "brilliant, well marked run".  Because there was just the two of them they were able to blow through the check points and holds and maintain a pace that had them warm by the time they had reached the cemetery.  The only challenge that was encountered was navigating some of the huge puddles that were in the way.

Scrambled Eggs (Greg) spoke for the walkers.  He enjoyed the "big long straight walk" down Dailey Street.  He also commented that, as the walkers walked through the car park at the hospital it was observed that it is better to be out here looking in than to be in there looking out.

Down-down's were given to:
Tea Bag - Hare and Host
Upcycler - 50 runs

Dinner was curried sausages and rice for the omnivores and curried lentil patties for the herbivores.  Tea Bag had catered for 25 to 30 so there was more than enough for everyone.  It was noted that, for the Hares it is very difficult to know how many need to be catered for, and due to the small numbers that have been attending, there has been some food going to waste.  For those of you who have been thinking that it is too cold to go out to hash, it is worth making the effort.  We are all enjoying ourselves and it doesn't take long after you start walking/running before you have warmed up.

NOTE: Bali Interhash  20-22 May 2016 - start saving now....

21/07/2014    Procol
28/07/2014    Narina and Phil Rowe
04/08/2014    Peter and Alison Brown
11/08/2014    Rosie Brown

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