Wednesday, May 14, 2014

[hhh] Next NRHHH Run 19th May 2014

Hi Hashers,

Next Run (no. 1503)
When:   19th May 2014 at 6pm
Where:  9, Remnant Drive, Clunes
Hare : Claytons (Jann)


Last Run (no. 1502)
When: 12th May 2014 at 6pm
Where: Station Hotel, 2 Casino Street, South Lismore
Hare:   Slurrrr (Fay)

A small but keen group of hashers met in the back room of the Station Hotel, before being led out by Hare Slurrr to the start of the hash. New hasher Karen arrived with her two young boys, who were evidently interested in experiencing 'hashing'. Upcycler was provided with a map and pointed in the general direction for the runners. He jogged off, with a small group of runners following behind him.

Slurrr led off the walkers, winding through jet black streets, passing a glowing backyard bonfire and many twitching curtains. The runners were sighted a couple of times, making their way on distant dark streets and, apparently, finding the arrows to be of a somewhat erratic nature. Not that the walkers cared. They were having a great time following the trail (well, following Slurrrr) and keeping together with the Hare calling "Hash Halt" at appropriate times. Given the deep dark streets, a dying bonfire surrounded by shadowy figures and strange faces peering from behind curtains, it did not seem a night to be wandering out on your own.

Crossing the river, the walkers again wound around the streets, with Karen's two boys still happily striding along on their first hash, before being joined by Yarnbomber, who had satisfied her desire to run and now was happy to finish the hash at a walking pace - and also indulge in a chat - an activity that most of the walking hashers seem to excel in doing.

Back at the pub, between Bentley Blockade newsletters and dreadfully tasteless TV programmes, the hash relaxed with a few beers and a pile of pizzas, that were soon demolished. The Hare, hash complete, took the opportunity to relax (photo below).

A pub run, so no 'On Downs', but an enjoyable hash night wandering around Lismore in the dark, followed by a relaxing beer and pizza at the pub.

Many thanks to Slurrrrrrr for setting the run and organising the pub and pizzas.

NOTE: Bali Interhash  20-22 May 2016 - start saving now....

Receding Hareline

26/05/2014    Rosi Brown
2/06/2014      Simon and Dayle Morrison
9/06/2014      Sue and Steve Miller - Queens Birthday
16/06/2014    Garry Euston and Alison Cleaver
23/06/2014    Phil and Narina

On On!


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