Wednesday, September 28, 2022

[nrhhh] Re: HHH Trash for 26th Sept 2022 run 1929

Hi Hashers,
                      As I finish on Alstonville at 3pm next Monday, I probably won't make it to the run on time. But I will try to get there by 5 with the grog.....or else I guess there will be a mutiny I'm supposing. Not sure of travel times but I will check

Garry Euston


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Subject: [nrhhh] HHH Trash for 26th Sept 2022 run 1929
hash trash attached for AltRoot and Procol  Run 1129.  

Next run :  Daylight Saving Time!!

4pm Monday 3rd October-  
Hares Nutcracker, Lady Godiva and the Dunoon Mob-  
Rummery Park Campground NightCap National Park (Bushwalk) Peates Mountain Rd, Whian Whian NSW 2480
Both roads into Rummery Park are open - i.e. from Dunoon Road and also Repentance Creek Road.
Google Maps Link

Upcoming runs
03-Oct-22 1930 Daylight Saving Labour Day Dunoon Mob
10-Oct-22 1931 Pete & Ali Hash Brown & Retread
17-Oct-22 1932 Chris Rolfe Pavanotti
24-Oct-22 1933 Patrick Bituman
31-Oct-22 1934 Simon & Dayle Upcycler & Yarnbomber
07-Nov-22 1935 Enid Runnymead
14-Nov-22 1936 Pete & Ali Hash Brown & Retread
21-Nov-22 1937 Rick & Anna Plugger & Goanna
28-Nov-22 1938 Phil & Narina Hootu & Polarised
05-Dec-22 1939 Sue Rayner Spincyle
12-Dec-22 1940 AGPU Sue and Steve Miller Lost with Space & Space Cowboy


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