Thursday, March 03, 2022

[nrhhh] Re: Fwd: Re: Flood Relief

Does anyone know what Miss Vogues address is?

On Thursday, 3 March 2022, 06:20:47 pm AEDT, Rosi Brown <> wrote:

I'll be at Faye's in the morning.  

Would really like to help Miss Vogue too, if possible.

rb x

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From: Simon Morrison <>
Date: Thu, Mar 3, 2022 at 4:58 PM
Subject: [nrhhh] Re: Flood Relief
To: HHH email <>

Hi all,

We have started to clear out Slurrs - there is a tremendous amount of mud and devastation.

We need help.  If you can come and help tomorrow (Friday) or on the weekend please come.

The roads are open and flooding has subsided so you can get through easily.

I have not seen Miss Vogues but it will be just as bad.  We need all hands on deck with this one.

Bring sturdy gloves, wheelbarrows, clothes that you will probably never be able to wear again, and gumboots/sturdy shoes.


On Thursday, 3 March 2022, 09:27:23 am AEDT, Garry Euston <> wrote:

Hi Hashers,
                      As you are probably all aware, Fay's (Slur) residence in South Lismore was completely inundated in the floods this week. She and her lodger Jeff (and Ellie) had to be rescued as they were in a life-threatening situation. Thankfully all are well - Fay is currently being hosted by us and Jeff is being hosted by Simon and Dale. Our hearts go out to Miss Vogue (Peta) as well as her home in College Street was completely inundated as well.

Though the situation is constantly developing - and there are no timelines - Simon is hoping to get to Fay's place today to see if he can retrieve some important items if possible. I am hoping to get to Fay's place on the weekend to assist in the clean-up. If you can assist in any way - whether it be physically or emotionally for Slur and Peta - it would be greatly appreciated if there is any opportunity to assist. If you contact me or Ali (via email) we should be able to update the situation. I may be at work in the next couple of days in Ballina (which I have not been able to access) as aged care workers have been doing double and triple shifts and need some relief.

I totally understand that some of our Hashers have been severely affected by the flooding and our hearts go out to you.

Stay Safe

Impulse and Aunty Lush

Garry Euston


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