Saturday, March 12, 2022

[nrhhh] Help needed for a short while Sunday

Hi Hashers,
                    Fay has just told me that her family are bringing down a caravan (with gas powered most things) tomorrow afternoon and she would like to place it on the cement slab where the collapsed carport was. The only problem is the remains of the collapsed carport are on the slab.

Would anyone be available for a short while after 9.00am tomorrow to help relocate the remains of the collapsed carport to the other side of the house? I will be there dragging what I can round the front of the house.

Cheers, Beers and Thanks

Garry Euston


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Thank you Gary E, Enid and Leah for helping Fay. We also had 3 via the Facebook group Resilient Lismore.
2 sheds emptied, 1 demolished, very muddy work. 1 shed to go but it's collapsing so will probably need ADF help.


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