Wednesday, December 15, 2021

[nrhhh] Merry Christmas From BIHHH on Macleay Island

Merry Christmas NRHHH from all of us at BIHHH on Macleay Island.

We hope this finds you all well.  I am still on your mailing list I hope you don't mind if I stay there, I get to catch up with your OnOns.

We had our Hash Christmas Party on Sunday, including the island version of back yard cricket, not quite the NRHHH ashes but it was quite lovely fielding at silly mid-on in the warm waters of Morten Bay.  We celebrated our 3rd year of BIHHH in October and have a group of 17 with a regular turn up of around 13 every Thursday. No runners, just a group of casual walkers. 

If any of you are up this way, we would love to see you!   We haven't made any plans to come down that way as yet, this time of year is hectic on the roads  even at the best of times! 

A very merry Christmas to each and every one and let's hope 2022 is a good one for all ! 

On-On Island Time
No More Gaps and Saddle Sore aka Faye Benge and Rod Bailey

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