Tuesday, February 02, 2021

[nrhhh] Hash Committee Meeting

Hi Hashers

Last week, the Committee had a meeting and I thought I would fill you all in on our momentous decisions.

1. Hash Cash requested a 50c increase in the cost of beer and ginger beer.  This will make money handling easier and offset the cost of the better quality beer Pavanotti has been providing.  Vicki asks that we pay weekly, either by cash, card or direct deposit.  Please try and have the correct notes if paying by cash.

Run $2, Meal $5 and Beer $3 will cost $10..

Soft drinks will no longer be available.  No-one has been buying them.

2.  With regards to food.  We have re-introduced Hash nosh for hosts who wish to do so but are encouraging everyone to keep it simple.  The Hash kit has been made available so everyone can take home their own plates, bowls and cutlery for washing.  Bring them back the next week for your re-use.  Otherwise you can use your own.

We continue to encourage the use of parks and pubs but home hosting is a host decision.

3.  We would encourage everyone to give writing your own Hash Trash a go but we would at the very least like to send out Patrick's photos.  Send text and photos to Gary Manning who is currently co-ordinating it.

4.  There has been negative feedback on the recent introduction of scoring runs.  Hash is not a competition so we prefer not to make it a standard in our Hash Circle.

5.  We encourage more Hash Holds to allow the slower runners/walkers to catch up and be part of the group.

All things are evolving and subject to change.

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