Friday, November 27, 2020

[nrhhh] Re: Hash Trash 1844 - Monday 23/11

Hi there thanks for including me in ur emails all this time without me joining ur group. If u don't mind I think I'll ask to be removed. If I haven't got there by now, probably won't. 
Enjoy ur walking/running and friendships 
Cheers D

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On 26 Nov 2020, at 9:57 pm, wrote:

Hi all,

Just a quick correction from the last Hash Trash.  Please note that the AGPU is actually on the 14th, not the 7th as previously advised.  The correct Receding Hareline for the two weeks following next week should read as follows:

Receding hareline                 Run 1846 – 07/12 – Merlin 
                                                Run 1847 – 14/12 – Lost With Space & Space Cowboy (AGPU)

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Hi All,

Hash Trash attached.

Next Run (no. 1845)- 30/11 – Runny Mead – Tintenbar Tennis Courts – Fernleigh Rd Tintenbar



Note that there will be no hash grub for the foreseeable future to ensure that we are complying with COVID19 restrictions


Receding hareline           Run 1846 – 07/12 – Lost With Space & Space Cowboy (AGPU)

                                                Run 1847 – 14/12 – Merlin

                                                Run 1848 – 21/12 – Impulse & Aunty Lush



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