Friday, October 30, 2020

[nrhhh] Re: Hash Trash for run 1840, 26/10/2020

Thanks so much fellow Hashers for taking on the unexpected puppy duties! Not quite what you bargained for I'm sure!
Glad to see she was in safe hands......She looked like she enjoyed herself eventually with lots of Aunties and Uncles to spoil her.

Alternative Route

On Thu, Oct 29, 2020 at 1:23 PM <> wrote:
Hi All,

This weeks hash trash attached.



Next Run (no. 1841)- 19/10 – Procol & Alternative Root – Carpark outside "Your Computer Wizzard" shop (Just off Bugden Lane Alstonville)


Note that there will be no hash grub for the foreseeable future to ensure that we are complying with COVID19 restrictions


Receding hareline           Run 1842 – 09/11 – Miss Vogue

                                                Run 1843 – 16/11 – Hash Brown & Retread

                                                Run 1844 – 23/11 – Upcycler & Yarnbomber

                                                Run 1845 – 30/11 - Runnymead


Summer Camp dates have been booked.  The Summer Camp will be held from 10th to 20th November.  Please RSVP to Slurr if you intend to go (if even for a day).


Those who will be attending the Hash Camp, please note that the camp site will not be available until after 1pm on the 10th so please do not arrive before then. There will be a combination lock on the gate for access to the site and the combination will be provided prior to the 10th. The second gate will not be locked but must be kept closed at all times to keep the wallabies out of the corn.


Mrs Claus will be dropping in on Saturday night so if you are planning on being there on that night make sure you bring a gift (maximum value $10) if you are going to be there on the night.

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