Wednesday, August 28, 2019

[nrhhh] NRHHH - 26/08/2019

Next Run 1786

2 September 2019 - Happy Feet and Bingo - meet at Bituman's house at 60 Mountainview Drive, Goonellabah, followed by Hash Nosh at 94 Mountainview Drive, Goonellabah.

Receding Hareline

9 September 2019 - Headlamps - 8 Prospect Street, East Ballina

16 September 2019 - Bituman - Civic Hotel, Molesworth Street, Lismore

23 September 2019 - Hash Brown and Retread - Alstonville

Upcoming Events
29 August 2019 - Ballina Comedy night, free event, last Thursday of the month - Ballina RSL. See Slurr if interested.
8 September-  Sunday Beach Walk - Tyagarah to Brunswick Heads - Plugger & Goanna
21 September - Rous Mill Annual Op Shop Masquerade Ball-Tickets $25-Great band playing.
See Sue Miller for tickets or to organise a table.

AGPDU - all Committee positions to be spilled. Hasher's are encouraged to put your name forward for consideration for the committee.  Send nominations to (Sue Miller)

Hash Mismanagement Committee Roles
Grand Master
Grand Master/Mattress
President. Head Hasher who personifies the Hash's character ( or lack thereof). Keeps a handle on other committee positions. Involved at Hash circle helping with prep of down downs and namings.

Religious Advisor
Leads the Hash circle. Keeper of the faith and enforcer of the scriptures. Praises and punishes.

Beer Master
This role requires the purchasing of ice, beer, wine and ginger beer. The ability to reverse into tricky driveways is an advantage.

Hash Trash
Write and distribute Hash Trash weekly, informs Hash of upcoming hareline venue/ details.
Keeps an ear and a shutter eye out on the hash runs/walks.

Trail Master
Makes sure there is a hare for each run. Keeps Hash Trash in the loop regarding any changes to the hardline.

Hash Cash
Treasurer. Collects $ at Hash. Prepares run number sheets. Maintains a record of runs/ hares, sorts out vests for milestone runs. Reimburses Beer Master and hosts. Provides up to date financial status at committee meetings. Makes payments and involved in many other things such as haberdashery and hash freebies.

On Sec
Takes minutes at meetings and annoys others with lots of emails.
Assists with a range of tasks. Organises mugs/goblets for those who have done 250 runs.

On On

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