Thursday, October 18, 2018

[nrhhh] Re: Hash Trash for 15/10/18 is attached

Hello Family,
Please note, there will be a quick CCF Dummy Cheque presentation photo before Monday's Run.
If you would be kind enough to let everybody know, that would be grand. We have 4 of the CCF Committee coming just for the pre-Run Photo.
Cheers, Bituman

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On 17 Oct 2018, at 11:27 am, Susan Rayner <> wrote:

Hash Trash for 15/10/18 is attached.

I am planning on being away quite a bit in the coming months so I am resigning from Hash Scribe.

This is your opportunity to put your special 'spin' on it.

A volunteer or volunteers are needed, starting next week 22/10/18.

It's very rewarding.  Have fun with it.  I did.           Spin Cycle

Next Run (no. 1741)

When – 22/10/18 at 6pm

Where – The Federal Hotel, Alstonville (meet in car park at rear)

Hare – Feel Free


Receding hareline –

29/10/18 – AGPU Black Tie Event at 93 Rous Mill Rd, Rous Mill      

5/11/18 – Aunty Lush & Impulse – Note there has been a swap

12/11/18 – Retread & Hash Brown.  They will be at Hash Camp.  The run will be in Ballina.

17/11/18 – Hash Camp Run at Boundary Creek

19/11/18 – Pavanotti

26/11/18 – Draggin' the Chain


Upcoming events-


29/10/18 – AGPU Black Tie Event – Appointment of new Mismanagement Committee.

                        A new Hash Scribe is needed  or  two or three Hashers can share the position.


8th-18th Nov – Hash Camp.  Self-catering.  Secret Santa.  Fancy dress theme The Letter S.

                        Day visitors and Hash Camp Run Saturday 17/11/18.

                        Slurrr will send out a flyer soon.

<Last Run 1740.pdf>

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