Thursday, September 06, 2018

[nrhhh] Hash Trash for 3/9/18 is attached

Hash Trash for 3/9/18 is attached.

Next Run (no. 1735)

When – 10/9/18 at 6pm

Where – Your Computer Wizzard, Suite 2 / 88A Main St, Alstonville

                        In carpark via Bugden Lane or Commercial Rd   or

                        From Main St, walk down the laneway between One Agency & Century 21

YOU WILL NEED TO BRING A CHAIR (unless you want to stand).

Hares – Procol and Alternative Root



Receding hareline-

17/9/18 – Hootu and Polarised

24/9/18 – Happy Feet and Bingo

1/10/18 – Plugger and Goanna



Note:  NRHHH will reimburse hosts up to $80 for the meal unless it's a special occasion organized in advance.

                Hosts and co-hosts who supply the food do not have to pay the $5 nosh charge.



Upcoming events-


Raffle tickets are being distributed for us to sell.  Drawn 8/10/18 at our Red Dress Run at Our House.  All participants, male and female, will be required to wear a red dress so check out the op shops now.  Funds raised will go to The Cancer Compassionate Fund.


Our AGPU will be held at Rous Mill on 29/10/18.  This is a fun night but there is also the serious business of committee member changes.


Hash summer camp is held during 8th – 18th November at Boundary Creek, not far from Broadwater.  This is a self-catering camp on private property which we will have all to ourselves for the duration.  More information on this will be available in the coming weeks.

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