Tuesday, December 15, 2015

[nrhhh] Red Dress Run Raffle

Hi Hashers!

Following on from Plugger's email requesting help in sourcing raffle
prizes for the Red Dress Run, please find attached a letter from Hash
that could be useful in approaching sponsors.

We already have an offer of a wheelbarrow from Bunnings - and maybe
another from Masters. So lots of goodies to fill the barrows would be
great. Obviously other prizes would be appreciated.

So that we don't confuse sponsors, can you let me know who you are
intending to approach.

So far we have the following sponsors/potential sponsors:

Bunnings, Lismore
Masters, Lismore (Kate??)
Hutleys Butchers
PFD Food Services (Fay??)
Farmer Charlies (Fay??)
Lismore Workers Club
Coles, Lismore (Fay)
Jo Bonnacorsi

On On,


Anna Molloy
PO Box 95
NSW 2480
02 6684 9451

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