Friday, August 14, 2015

[nrhhh] Next NRHHH run Monday 17th August

Next Run - (No. 1569)
When -  Monday 17th August 2015  6pm
Where - Pioneer Tavern,  Simpson Avenue , Wollongbar
Hare - Lost With Space (Sue) and Space Cowboy (Steve)
Last Run - (No. 1568)
When -  Monday 10th August 2015
Where - 15 South Street, Alstonville
Hare - Miss Took (Rosi)
Yet another spectacular Northern Rivers winter evening was provided for our NRHHH run this week, it was even rumoured that a meteor shower was expected but no one seemed to give it a 2nd thought as we headed off on the "Detour" of Alstonville.
The walkers seemed to have bred in numbers somewhat over the past few years, is this a sign of an ageing hash group?  Are we all falling apart ?  Is there a discount for a bulk purchase of zimmer frames so we can keep up with Ballina Hash?  
A grand total of 3 runners were lead off by Procol (Gary M) followed closely for a few minutes by Polarised (Narina) and Sore Gaps (Jordyn). (It is almost certain the average age of that running group was somewhat less than the walkers.)   At some stage not far out from Hash Home, Sore Gaps either lost the others or they lost him, that is yet to be determined, but all ended up safely back home, blaming each other for the mis-directions.  As Sore Gaps was the most vocal about he earned the "spit the dummy" award for the night.
The walkers in their vast numbers were led of at a break neck pace by Hash Brown (Peter), who sporting a bandaged leg still managed to crack a 4 minute mile pace.  The group was held together for sometime until two of us had to answer the call of nature and dropped off the back only to find the pack waiting for us up the road.  They weren't hard to miss grouped at the end of the street with their flashing paraphernalia reminiscent of a Discotheque.   
Back at Hash Home, Slurr (Fay D) took over the duties of the hash Circle and got our hareess Mistook (Rosi) and co-hare (again) Hash Brown up for the Down Downs.   Mrs Mistook (Rosi's Mum) entertained us again with a new joke delivered in her own delightful manner - thank you!   Scrambled Eggs (Greg) and Bituman (Patrick) also provided jokes, with Bitumen almost evicted on the spot for his terribly punny effort.
Mistook catered for all of Alstonville including the vegetarians and and GF among us with delicious soups and fresh breads followed by some devilishly delicious chocolate cake.     Fantastic Hash grub !
Thanks Mistook and Hash Brown for the great night.
Receding hareline:
24.08.15 - TBA
31.08.15 - Kate Hallen
07.09.15 - Greg Fowler
14.09.15 - Sue Rayner

Note: NRHHH wil reimburse hosts up to $80 for the meal unless it's a special occastion organised in advance.
On On
No More Gaps
aka Faye B

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