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[nrhhh] Hash Trash for 3rd August 2015

Next Run - (No. 1568)
When -  Monday 10th August 2015
Where - 15 South Street, Alstonville
Hare - Miss Took (Rosi)

Last Run - (No. 1567)
When - Monday 3rd August 2015
Where - 35 Duke St, Goonellabah
Hares - Procol and Alternative Route (Gary and Mary-Anne)

The warm weekend weather stayed with us so the usual shivering and jumping around to keep warm wasn't necessary.  The weather doesn't seem to affect the voice boxes though.  They never need warming up.

Slurrrr led off the walkers after instructions from hare Procol.  Immediately there were complaints about the hill - doesn't take long!  Hare Procol gave the runners a briefing: no hills, no on-backs, all markers on the right side of the road, all markers under lights, distance about 8km.  Two of these instructions were not going to be correct.  That gave the runners something to ponder as they too climbed the hill.

According to Slurrrr, the first hill was a killer.  Apparently she had trouble following the hare's instructions because she got everyone lost.  This drew a few complaints and some sooks spat the dummy.  As a result, two large dummies were prepared ready for presentation upon the walkers' return.  But, wouldn't you know it, no-one would own up to being a dummy spitter.  "Wasn't me!" "Wasn't me!" "Wasn't me!" around the circle it went.  Hashers started spitting the dummy over the alleged dummy spits.

The whole experience was so stressful for Slurrrr that, upon her return to HHH, she found the most comfortable seat in the house, equipped herself with cushions and a glass of red, and stayed there.  As we have seen at the Queen's Birthday run,Slurrrr has some affinity with royalty.  She just might descend from the lineage of Lord and Lady Muck.  She was successful in getting her wine glass refilled and her soup and muffins delivered to her lap.

The attractive bunch of runners attracted some young admirers.  Some local children asked to join in and were welcomed into the pack.  One boy did accuse us of not running but only jogging then proceeded to show us how it was done.  Those children stayed the course and had a great time.  I think their childish nature related well to the You Can't Trust The Hare rule.  It turns out, none of the hare's instructions could be counted on.  Yeah, very funny Procol.

Impulse counted 15 hills during the course of the run, with one dirty rotten mongrel hill included.  Also, contrary to the briefing, the run turned out to be 9.2km after the inclusion of several on-backs.  Possibly Happy Feet's feet weren't feeling so happy.

Upon return to the home of our hosts Procol and Alternative Route, we all got into disco fever with lighting that dimmed, surged and pulsed.  Procol obviously got a haircut for his birthday - Why was he born so beautiful?  Happy birthday Procol.

There was much puzzling conversation regarding a plant that Miss Took had acquired on a previous walk.  Said plant would no doubt have grown by now.  Slurrrr, still reclining on the lounge and thinking herself beyond reproach, revealed her common side when making a cheeky remark about a large bush.

Congratulations to Polarised for the massive effort of 500 runs, accumulated over many years.  Unfortunately, the shirt lost a 5 and a 0 along the way.  It appeared we were only celebrating 0 runs for Polarised.  It's only right that she go back and find the missing numbers, otherwise she might in fact have to start from 0 again.  Down-down was with a special wedding glass with her name on it - one of those wedding gifts that has come to good use after all.
Down-downs also to hare, host and birthday boy Procol, host Alternative Route and to Miss Took because​ she loves it so much.

​ A lovely hearty dinner of pumpkin soup with savoury and sweet muffins was enjoyed by all.

Thankyou for the over-achiever nomination.  I believe I am in good company.

Spin Cycle

Receding hareline:
17.8.15 - Steve and Sue Miller
24.8.15 - Neville
31.8.15 - Kate
7.9.15 - Greg Fowler

Note: NRHHH wil reimburse hosts up to $80 for the meal unless it's a special occastion organised in advance.

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