Sunday, August 30, 2015

[nrhhh] NRH3 Committee Nominations Now Open

Hi fellow Hashers,
I know you have all been eagerly awaiting this news!
Please email me if you wish to nominate yourself for one or more positions.
Nominations close on Wednesday 30th September.

Lost With Space ( Sue )

On On

NRH3 Mismanagement Duties  


1. GRAND MASTER/MATTRESS: The head hasher. Ensures committee responsibilities are carried out and that club activities are organised. Gives  inspiration and direction.    NB: Plugger. (Rick) will remain 'in office' as GM for the 2015/16 term to provide some (non)sense of continuity and stability.

2.  RELIGIOUS ADVISER: Runs the Hash circle and keeps it light and entertaining. Extracts walk and run info, announces milestones, birthdays etc. Gives info about the next run.

3. ON SEC: Records minutes of meetings. Manages any admin. Arranges and liaises with committee and other willing hashers notable events (eg Red Dress Run). Keeps records of member details, runs and milestones (organises fluoro tops for milestones). Manages NRH3 Blog/website.


4. HASH CASH: Responsible for collecting run, food and grog money and reimburses the Brewmaster and Hares. Runs petty cash book, keeps financial records and banks club funds.


5.TRAIL MASTER: Makes sure that there's a hare for each hash, preferably 5-6 weeks in advance.  Sends details of hareline to GM , On Sec and to Hash Scribe.


6. HASH SCRIBE: Writes and distributes  Hash Trash weekly. Organises photos to be taken whenever and wherever possible.

7. BREWMASTER: Has the weighty responsibility of making sure that the lifeblood of hashing is available at each and every hash event. Also buys ice and lugs the esky to and from hash. 

8. HABERDASHERY: Responsible for the design, procurement, warehousing, merchandising, and vending of items of apparel and various trinkets for the hash. Orders wine goblets and tankards for milestones.

**CAMPMASTER: (This role will be added to/taken up by one of the committee members.) Organises summer and winter camps and liaises with relevant persons.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

[nrhhh] Hash Trash 24th August 2015

Next Run - (no. 1571)
When - Monday 31st August 2015 6 p.m.
Where -  The Tatts Hotel, 108 Keen St Lismore
Hare - Kissme (Kate)

Last Run - (No. 1570)
When - Monday 24th August 2015 
Where - Goonellabah Tavern
Live Hare - Impulse (Garry)

Wasn't it great to walk and run about in the warm evening air?  It was like we had woken from hibernation, warm, refreshed and eager to go.  The approaching new season literally put a spring in our step.

What also kept us hopping was the gathering storm, complete with lightning and thunder claps.  Fortunately, we all outraced the rain.  It was when we were all safely inside the Goonellabah Tavern that the clouds opened up and down it pelted.  Phew!

Earlier in the week it looked likely that we would all be trailing around hareless but hirsute Impulse stepped in at the last minute and prepared the hash trail.  Thankyou Impulse for the extra effort and strength to withstand the inevitable backlash.  Our live hare was careful to stay well ahead of the pack.  Tradition has it, if the live hare is caught, their pants are pulled down.  This would have left Impulse appropriately in his birthday suit.  Yes, it was his birthday last week.  It's a shame he wasn't caught - we could have amused ourselves with that story for years to come!

Welcome back Plugger and Goanna.  After travelling thousands of kilometres across Australia over a period of several weeks, did they go home and have a hot shower and sleep in their comfy bed?  No.  They got their priorities right and came straight to hash.  They are hashers through and through.

Aunty Lush led off the large group of walkers with a little help from Kirklands.  Hootu, with his bus driver know-how, internally mapped out a route which brought everyone back to hash home in near perfect time.

All harriers had to cross the busy main road en masse.  It was dark, it was peak traffic time, there was no pedestrian crossing and there were headlights in our eyes.  One lone car approaching prompted a few false starts.  After all, it was unlikely that one car could run us all over.  It was a case of "Follow me, I'm right behind you."

This run had it all - hills, on-backs, long distances between arrows, arrows that couldn't be found.  Runners had to spread out, adding extra kilometres to the trail, while calling out across the nightscape.  It became increasingly frustrating.  At the bottom of a hill, facing an on-back, I needed reassurance that we were enjoying ourselves.  I was assured we were.  Good.  Upon winding our way up to the highway once more, we made a fast dash to hash house home.  That was a good tough run.

It was a big, noisy group that enjoyed the nosh at Goonellabah Tavern.  Kissme and Upcycler were the only two bothering to participate in the photo.

Receding Hareline:
07.09.15 Scrambled Eggs (Greg)
14.09.15 Spin Cycle (Sue) - Meeting at 10 Centenary Dv, in the Goonellabah Industrial Estate
21.09.15 Hash Brown and Retread (Peter and Alison)
28.09.15 Impulse and Aunty Lush (Garry and Alison)

Note: NRHHH will reimburse hosts up to $80 for the meal unless it's a special occasion organised in advance.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

[nrhhh] Hash 17th August

Next Run - (no. 1570)
When - Monday 24th August 2015 6 p.m.
Where - Goonellabah Tavern, Bruxner Hwy Goonellabah
Live Hare

Last Run - (No. 1569)
When - Monday 17th August 2015 
Where - Pioneer Tavern, Wollongbar
Hares - Lost With Space and Space Cowboy

It was a relatively small group which gathered at the Pioneer Tavern Wollongbar.  It seems we are all taking turns in battling the lurgy this winter.  Some might be greedily having more turns than others though. Even so, the usual fun was had out on the streets of Wollongbar on a mild night barely lit by a crescent moon.

Hare, List With Space, lead the walkers off, map held tightly and referred to often.  A few pauses were necessary for orientation on such a dark night.  Wollongbar, having less hills than Alstonville, Goonellabah and even some parts of Lismore, tends to be easier on the legs.  Conversation was robust.

There once were hashers out for a walk
Their task was to follow the chalk
Wearing lights on their feet
They got lost in the street
It seems they did nothing but talk

Hare, Space Cowboy, had gone out earlier to set the course.  He didn't turn up to see the result of his efforts.  Possibly he was scared off by the hashers' poor habit of dissing hares.  Since he missed it, we will do it now - There was a looong way between some of those arrows!  This had the runners unusually dazed and confused and doing a lot of backtracking.

The three runners were greatly outnumbered by walkers.  Polarised, experiencing one of her runner's highs, visualised us as three little pigs huffing and puffing all the way to hash home.  All was going welll until a park had the runners scurrying in three directions looking for toilet paper, only to converge on the other side directionless (because the next arrow wasn't anywhere to be seen).  I think at this stage we were more like three blind mice.  You've never seen such a thing in your life.  It is times like these that Procol and Hash Brown are missed with their extra sensory direction perception.

Runners have stumbled upon a secret.  When not sure which way to turn - Stop. Listen. Be very quiet.  The distant cackle of the walkers can be heard!  On on we go towards that familiar and reassuring sound.

Back at the tavern, we became a small, yet well-fed group with large meals enjoyed by all.

Thankyou to hares, Lost With Space and Space Cowboy for a well thought out trail with clear arrows (when we could find them - but there'll be no more dissing).

Receding Hareline:
31.8.15 Kissme (Kate)
07.09.15 Scrambled Eggs (Greg)
14.09.15 Spin Cycle (Sue)
21.09.15 Hash Brown and Retread (Peter and Alison)

Note: NRHHH will reimburse hosts up to $80 for the meal unless it's a special occasion organised in advance.

Friday, August 14, 2015

[nrhhh] Next NRHHH run Monday 17th August

Next Run - (No. 1569)
When -  Monday 17th August 2015  6pm
Where - Pioneer Tavern,  Simpson Avenue , Wollongbar
Hare - Lost With Space (Sue) and Space Cowboy (Steve)
Last Run - (No. 1568)
When -  Monday 10th August 2015
Where - 15 South Street, Alstonville
Hare - Miss Took (Rosi)
Yet another spectacular Northern Rivers winter evening was provided for our NRHHH run this week, it was even rumoured that a meteor shower was expected but no one seemed to give it a 2nd thought as we headed off on the "Detour" of Alstonville.
The walkers seemed to have bred in numbers somewhat over the past few years, is this a sign of an ageing hash group?  Are we all falling apart ?  Is there a discount for a bulk purchase of zimmer frames so we can keep up with Ballina Hash?  
A grand total of 3 runners were lead off by Procol (Gary M) followed closely for a few minutes by Polarised (Narina) and Sore Gaps (Jordyn). (It is almost certain the average age of that running group was somewhat less than the walkers.)   At some stage not far out from Hash Home, Sore Gaps either lost the others or they lost him, that is yet to be determined, but all ended up safely back home, blaming each other for the mis-directions.  As Sore Gaps was the most vocal about he earned the "spit the dummy" award for the night.
The walkers in their vast numbers were led of at a break neck pace by Hash Brown (Peter), who sporting a bandaged leg still managed to crack a 4 minute mile pace.  The group was held together for sometime until two of us had to answer the call of nature and dropped off the back only to find the pack waiting for us up the road.  They weren't hard to miss grouped at the end of the street with their flashing paraphernalia reminiscent of a Discotheque.   
Back at Hash Home, Slurr (Fay D) took over the duties of the hash Circle and got our hareess Mistook (Rosi) and co-hare (again) Hash Brown up for the Down Downs.   Mrs Mistook (Rosi's Mum) entertained us again with a new joke delivered in her own delightful manner - thank you!   Scrambled Eggs (Greg) and Bituman (Patrick) also provided jokes, with Bitumen almost evicted on the spot for his terribly punny effort.
Mistook catered for all of Alstonville including the vegetarians and and GF among us with delicious soups and fresh breads followed by some devilishly delicious chocolate cake.     Fantastic Hash grub !
Thanks Mistook and Hash Brown for the great night.
Receding hareline:
24.08.15 - TBA
31.08.15 - Kate Hallen
07.09.15 - Greg Fowler
14.09.15 - Sue Rayner

Note: NRHHH wil reimburse hosts up to $80 for the meal unless it's a special occastion organised in advance.
On On
No More Gaps
aka Faye B

Monday, August 10, 2015

[nrhhh] Hash 10th Aug

Hi everyone,
I have been cough cough cough cough coughing so I won't be out in the cold air tonight.  Can someone volunteer to trash the hash this week please?
Sue (Spin Cycle)

Thursday, August 06, 2015

[nrhhh] Hash Trash for 3rd August 2015

Next Run - (No. 1568)
When -  Monday 10th August 2015
Where - 15 South Street, Alstonville
Hare - Miss Took (Rosi)

Last Run - (No. 1567)
When - Monday 3rd August 2015
Where - 35 Duke St, Goonellabah
Hares - Procol and Alternative Route (Gary and Mary-Anne)

The warm weekend weather stayed with us so the usual shivering and jumping around to keep warm wasn't necessary.  The weather doesn't seem to affect the voice boxes though.  They never need warming up.

Slurrrr led off the walkers after instructions from hare Procol.  Immediately there were complaints about the hill - doesn't take long!  Hare Procol gave the runners a briefing: no hills, no on-backs, all markers on the right side of the road, all markers under lights, distance about 8km.  Two of these instructions were not going to be correct.  That gave the runners something to ponder as they too climbed the hill.

According to Slurrrr, the first hill was a killer.  Apparently she had trouble following the hare's instructions because she got everyone lost.  This drew a few complaints and some sooks spat the dummy.  As a result, two large dummies were prepared ready for presentation upon the walkers' return.  But, wouldn't you know it, no-one would own up to being a dummy spitter.  "Wasn't me!" "Wasn't me!" "Wasn't me!" around the circle it went.  Hashers started spitting the dummy over the alleged dummy spits.

The whole experience was so stressful for Slurrrr that, upon her return to HHH, she found the most comfortable seat in the house, equipped herself with cushions and a glass of red, and stayed there.  As we have seen at the Queen's Birthday run,Slurrrr has some affinity with royalty.  She just might descend from the lineage of Lord and Lady Muck.  She was successful in getting her wine glass refilled and her soup and muffins delivered to her lap.

The attractive bunch of runners attracted some young admirers.  Some local children asked to join in and were welcomed into the pack.  One boy did accuse us of not running but only jogging then proceeded to show us how it was done.  Those children stayed the course and had a great time.  I think their childish nature related well to the You Can't Trust The Hare rule.  It turns out, none of the hare's instructions could be counted on.  Yeah, very funny Procol.

Impulse counted 15 hills during the course of the run, with one dirty rotten mongrel hill included.  Also, contrary to the briefing, the run turned out to be 9.2km after the inclusion of several on-backs.  Possibly Happy Feet's feet weren't feeling so happy.

Upon return to the home of our hosts Procol and Alternative Route, we all got into disco fever with lighting that dimmed, surged and pulsed.  Procol obviously got a haircut for his birthday - Why was he born so beautiful?  Happy birthday Procol.

There was much puzzling conversation regarding a plant that Miss Took had acquired on a previous walk.  Said plant would no doubt have grown by now.  Slurrrr, still reclining on the lounge and thinking herself beyond reproach, revealed her common side when making a cheeky remark about a large bush.

Congratulations to Polarised for the massive effort of 500 runs, accumulated over many years.  Unfortunately, the shirt lost a 5 and a 0 along the way.  It appeared we were only celebrating 0 runs for Polarised.  It's only right that she go back and find the missing numbers, otherwise she might in fact have to start from 0 again.  Down-down was with a special wedding glass with her name on it - one of those wedding gifts that has come to good use after all.
Down-downs also to hare, host and birthday boy Procol, host Alternative Route and to Miss Took because​ she loves it so much.

​ A lovely hearty dinner of pumpkin soup with savoury and sweet muffins was enjoyed by all.

Thankyou for the over-achiever nomination.  I believe I am in good company.

Spin Cycle

Receding hareline:
17.8.15 - Steve and Sue Miller
24.8.15 - Neville
31.8.15 - Kate
7.9.15 - Greg Fowler

Note: NRHHH wil reimburse hosts up to $80 for the meal unless it's a special occastion organised in advance.