Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fwd: [nrhhh] Hash Trash

Next Run (no. 1567) 
When - Monday 3rd August 2015
Where - 35 Duke St, Goonellabah
Hares - Procol and Alternative Route (Gary and Mary-Anne)

Last Run (no. 1566)
When - Monday 27th July, 2015
Where - Lismore Kayak Club
Hares - Hootu and Polarised (Phillip & Narina)

It was the annual Leo Hash so it's only fair the Leos get the lion share of attention.  Our enthusiastic Leos have kept a long tradition, leaving the other zodiacs in their wake.  Congratulations to Polarised, Procol, Impulse and to the absent Mandy Stewart and Bruce Taylor (who appear to have found more adventurous ways to occupy their time).  The Leos very generously welcomed No More Gaps into their elite group.  Close enough!  Why on earth anyone would want two birthdays is beyond me.

Runners and walkers gathered outside the kayak/canoe club on a relatively mild evening.  It made a nice change from the recent very cold nights.  We all covered a lot of ground from the river to the CBD to the 'burbs and back.

There was a large contingent of runners, 10 in all.  It was good to see Happy Feet stretching the legs.  In a departure from the same old same old, Happy Feet was asked to do the run report.  Happy Feet was thankful for the waits at hash holds and declared it an enjoyable run.

Yet...  As we stood at the bottom of the notorious John Street, it could be heard "Is that John Street?"  "Yes, it is."  "Groan".  After not finding any arrows up to that point, Spin Cycle started the climb hoping it might be another wrong turn.  Alas, on on and up the godforsaken hill we went.  Oh well, pain now... beer later.  There was a new and interesting marking to be found by those who actually got to the top - HHHH - Hash House Home Ha being the most popular interpretation.

Happy Feet observed that some runners take short cuts, not mentioning any names Upcycler.  She was thankful for the tip of following Upcycler to hash home in future because that would be the guaranteed shorter way.

Aunty Lush, accustomed as she is to public speaking, gave an account of the walk.  It moved at a steady pace.  The arrows were slightly hidden.  Was hare Hootu trying to lose some walkers?  Never mind, some walkers weren't checking arrows anyway.  Runnymead tried a bout of mud wrestling.  I for one wish I'd seen that.  For a reflective moment the walkers actually stood on the heart of Lismore.  They have it on good authority (Bituman) that the heart of Lismore is in Carrington Street outside the Star Court arcade.

Looks like Runnymead didn't win the bout.

As we sat amongst the rows of canoes and kayaks, the aforementioned pseudo Leo No More Gaps served us with a bruschetta entree. This was followed by soups prepared by host Polarised.  There was buyer beware fluid pumpkin & carrot soup as well as solid potato, leek & lentil soup.  This was followed by hash cake (yes, you read that correctly) and Aunty Lush's apple slice.  Thankyou Leos for the degustation.


The ever-thoughtful Alternative Route creatively made each Leo a birthday card.

Down-downs to hash virgin Bronwyn and hosts Polarised and Hootu.

Spin Cycle

Receding Hareline
10.8.15 Rosie
17.8.15 Steve and Sue Miller
24.8.15 Neville
31.8.15 Kate Hallen

Note:  NRHHH will reimburse hares up to $80 only for the meal unless it's a special occasion organised in advance.

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