Thursday, June 18, 2015

[Hhh] Next HRHHH Run 22nd June 2015

Next Run (no 1561)
When - Monday 22nd15th June 2015 - Winter Solstice Run
Where -   4 Coachwood Court, Alstonville at 6pm
Hares - No More Gaps (Faye) and Saddle Sore (Rod)

Last Run (no 1560)
When - Monday 15th June 2015
Where - 1 Commercial Road, Alstonville 
Hare - Feel Free (Bob)

A wonderfully mild night with even a few stars twinkling overhead. Perfect night for hashing around Alstonville. Hare Feel Free, with Barney in hand, quickly sent off the runners before leading a large pack of walkers close behind. An early 'on-back' fooled the runners. It also fooled a group of walkers as, so intent in their deep discussion, they failed to notice that the rest of the walkers had walked off in the opposite direction. The trail wound an interesting route through the thankfully almost flat streets and reserves of Alstonville. Leading the hash down through a few barely discernible snickets kept the mystery of the trail alive. Along the way, Draggin' The Chain told of a fascinating article she had just read about big toe operations. It was quite fascinating that anyone would find such a topic fascinating. Hootu, on his mobile phone from the start of the trail until virtually the end, wandered along deep in conversation. One can only assume he too was engaged deep in some fascinating topic.

After a few instructions, Feel Free short cut Home to prepare the hash nosh, leaving Saddle Sore to guide the gaggle of walkers 'On Home'. As the trail was well marked, and had been throughout, the walkers soon found themselves 'Home', arriving shortly after the runners.

Religious Adviser Upcycler called a Circle and asked about the hash trail.

Draggin' The Chain spoke about the walk and noted that, as she was deep in discussion most of the time (not that anyone noticed), she did not remember very much. However, in the few seconds she was not talking, she noted it was a very good walk and that some walkers 'did a bit of an on-back'. She also recalled experiencing a 'slight rise' along the trail.

Yarnbomber spoke very enthusiastically about the run. She had obviously enjoyed herself immensely and was quite excited that she had done the whole trail and was overjoyed about a particular hill (perhaps the same 'slight rise' that had stirred Draggin' The Chain).  

Down Downs were downed by:

Feel Free - Hare for a most enjoyable trail
Hootu - For the serious Hash crime of talking on his mobile for almost the entire trail
Merlin - Birthday Boy - Congratulations!

Many Thanks to Hare Feel Free for hosting the Hash and an excellent three course meal to round off the evening (assuming that a Tim Tam qualifies as dessert).

Receding Hareline

29.06.2015  - Fay Ditton
06.07.2015  - Patrick Fitz-Bugden
13.07.2015   - Simon and Dayle Morrison

Note: NRHHH will reimburse Hares up to $80 only for the meal unless its a special occasion organised in advanced.

UPCumming Hashes

Bali Interhash is being held May 20th-22nd 2016 if anyone is interested (Plugger and Goanna are going):

Gathering of the Clans Hash - Mudgeeeraba October 11th 2015
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