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[Hhh] Next NRHHH Run 18th May 2015

Hi Hashers,
Next Run (no 1556)
When - Monday 18th May 2015 at 6pm
Where -  34 Trinity Drive, Goonellabah
Hares - Polarised and Hootu (Narina and Phil)
Last Run (no 1555)
When - Monday 11th May 2015 
Where - Westower Tavern, West Ballina 
Hare - Draggin' The Chain (Vicki F)   
Briefing the hash in the cooling evening of a car park, Hare Draggin' The Chain announced "I'm maintaining my tradition of no arrows". After receiving a few guiding words, the small knot of runners, Polarised, Kizzme and Procol, ran off, followed by the walkers. Clutching a map, the Hare proved very non-traditional with the pace she was setting. It was very brisk indeed. Runnymead was soon questioning where the Hare had got such speed and energy from. Being West Ballina, the trail was thankfully flat and wound through broad and seemingly empty streets. Quite a few 'Hash Halts' were held, to allow the walkers to catch up with the speeding Hare. On this particular night, she certainly was not 'Draggin' The Chain' as she powered off into the dark distance.

The walkers all gathered near a small boat harbour, that was an oasis of calm and serenity until we arrived. Watching out for some of the walkers was not entirely difficult as No More Gaps, Slurrrr and Saddle Sore were equipped with flashing lights on their shoes, wrists and, in Saddle Sore's case, bum. As Slurrrrrrr approached, it became evident that she was not also sporting illuminated nipples. This was a relief, as we can only stand so much excitement on a Monday night.

Standing in the dark on a pontoon for a Hash photo, No More Gaps decided to be affectionate and, under the cover of darkness, hold Saddle Sore's hand. However, as it was quite dark, she actually held the hand of Draggin' The Chain. It is only fortunate that she had not decided to seek out a different part of the anatomy.

After passing the runners, who emerged from the opposite direction, the Hare led the Hash across a reserve or two and out onto a small beach, close to some mangroves. The beach offered a beautiful view across the river to the opposite bank and distant hills - although we could not actually see anything as it was a very black night indeed.

A short meander back to the pub where large meals were quickly served and many hashers pronounced themselves "stuffed" after such huge portions.

Many thanks to Hare Draggin' The Chain for a good hash run at at startlingly fast pace.


Receding Hareline
25.05.2015 - Steve and Sue Miller
01.06.2015 - Peter and Alison Brown
08.06.2015 - Rick and Anna - Queens Birthday Weekend

Note: NRHHH will reimburse Hares up to $80 only for the meal unless its a special occasion organised in advanced.

UPCumming Hashes

Bali Interhash is being held May 20th-22nd 2016 if anyone is interested (Plugger and Goanna are going): http://www.interhash2016.com/schedule

Gathering of the Clans Hash - Mudgeeeraba October 11th 2015.

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