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[Hhh] Next Run (no 1546)

Next Run (no 1546)
When - Monday 2nd March at 6pm
Where - Wollongbar Tavern ( meet in Tavern car park)
Hare - Geoff Laubalestier

Last Run (no 1545)
When- Mon 3rd Feb
Where- 6 Range Court Goonellabah
Hare - Spincycle

The sun was shining ( sort of!) as the hashers grouped at the top of Spin Cycle's driveway. Bituman, having received so many compliments about the red frock he wore last week, arrived with his freshly laundered and ironed dress (on a hanger) slip on after the run.
Spin Cycle led the runners off and Aunty Lush with map in hand took charge of the walking group. Alternative Route deviated from the group up a side street. The prospect of avoiding a steep section of the road saw Tea Bag and Lost With Space turn and follow AR. When this group eventually reached the Bruxner, AR revealed that the rest of the group had in fact gone in the opposite direction and that all along she was simply doing her own alternative route!
The evening remained relatively fine and the light showers that did occur were welcomed by many as a bit of cool relief.

Upcycler, resplendent in his On On ceremonial hat, called a circle on 'the deck with a view'. Impulse said the run had a deja vu feeling throughout as there were lots of crossing back of the trail. The runners all agreed that there were some hills involved which as we know is most unusual for a Goonellabah run. Polarised indicated that Spin Cycle would be feeling like a lullaby hare as she had done the run twice.
Space Cowboy described the walk. He said it was a most interesting sight seeing walk of Lismore Heights. There was reference to a Baptismal font seen in someone's front garden. Hugme said there was an angel in the font but others thought it might have been a fairy. Perhaps this group was suffering from altitude sickness?
Apparently there was even endangered wildlife spotted ( a millipede )! The HIGHlight of the walk was a visit to the Memorial Lookout which must usually be a quiet and secluded spot because there was a young couple there who were very surprised to see the walkers. Slurr said something about interruptus ....?

Bituman slipped into his dress and presented Rob Wells ( who also appeared quite comfortable in his own red dress) with a cheque from NRHHH for Southern Cross LADS.

Space Cowboy sang a Down Downs for
3 virgins Denise, Helen and Kaye

Other Down Downs:
Hare Spincycle
Lost With Space for 100 runs
Steve Host Cooker ( thanks for giving up your yoga class!)
Alternative Route for leading others astray

Many thanks to Spin Cycle and Steve for delicious tortillas and birthday cakes (supplied by Spincycle and Alternative Route) Happy birthday to Sue R and Sue M.

Receding Hareline
09/03/15 Leah Manning
16/03/15 Gary and Alison Euston (ST PATRICK's DAY RUN)
23/03/15 Bob Arnull
30/0315 Enid Mead

**** WINTER CAMP 2nd/3rd May. Clarence Gorge
On On

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

[Hhh] Next NRHHH Run 9th February 2015

Hi Hashers

Next Run (no 1543 )
When - Monday 9th February 2015 at 6pm 
Where - Tatts Hotel, 108 Keen Street, Lismore
Hare - Kizz Me (Kate)

Last Run (no 1542 )
When - Monday 2nd February 2015 at 6pm 
Where - 12 (!) Bahama Avenue, Alstonville
Hares - Retread and Hash Brown

As the hash gathered outside number 12 Bahama Avenue (fortunately not number 18), dark rain clouds massed to the north, south and west. It looked rather ominous. As the skies darkened further, Hare Hash Brown led the runners off towards the west. It did not look a wise choice. Happily, for a short while anyway, Retread led the walkers eastwards, away from the rain clouds and towards number 18 Bahama Avenue, just in case some hashers had read the hash trash and found themselves at the wrong location. There were no bewildered looking hashers standing around, so Retread curved the walkers back towards the west. It was fortunate that most were carrying umbrellas, as they were soon  going to need them.

After a brief Hash Halt beneath a street sign, to allow already umbrella wielding walkers to catch up, the trail entered a small park, just as the heavens opened. Not everyone made it through the park as some walkers decided that the intensity of the rain was of a sufficient level that a direct march On Home was called for. The other walkers, having passed through the park and found themselves rather drenched, reached the same conclusion and turned for Home. The rain eased slightly, but the homeward pace didn't, so the walkers were back Home after a relatively short run. Auntie Lush had obviously curtailed her hash walk quite early, as she was noted to be bone-dry and enjoying a glass of wine when the walkers squelched their way onto the Home patio.

However, whilst the walkers were responding intelligently to the dismal weather, the runners sloshed on through the rain. Apparently, they enjoy such weather challenges. By the time they arrived back at On Home, the walkers were thoroughly relaxed and pondering how many raffle tickets to buy in support of the Red Dress Run charity, LADS. Despite Goanna's sterling efforts, the white wine raffle prize did not seem too much of an incentive to buy lots of raffle tickets.

Religious Advisor Upcycler called a circle and Bituman was asked to speak about the run. As usual, he found the run "sensational". There was lots of water and wind, which caused the runners to take shelter at one point. They must have been sheltering for quite a while as Polarised and Hootu told them of all their NZ exploits.  Polarised told the circle that 17 people drowned in NZ last year and she nearly increased that statistic, being washed away crossing a creek on one of their walks. Hootu demanded a beer for his rescue of Polarised. He received a beer which hopefully he cherished, as it appears unlikely his demand would be met again during the rest of 2015.

After many accusations from Upcycler as to the whether the walkers had actually gone on a walk, Tea Bag spoke about the walk, which seemed to have been conducted in cyclonic conditions. Because of the rain she could not see much but recalled wandering the streets of Alstonville and getting drenched. She was also injured, which brought forth calls of a "ruptured tea bag'.

Down Downs were given to:

Hash Brown - Hare for a wild and wet run 
Retread - Co-Hare for a wet, but definitely not wild walk
Runnymead - for a spectacular 400 runs. Congratulations!
Plugger - for getting the Hash Home address wrong in the Hash Trash by a factor of 50%

Hash Joke Master Bituman, updated the hash on the food sponsorship status for the Red Dress Run, which sounded quite sensational. He then told a couple of jokes, that were far from sensational.

Retread served up welcome Hash Nosh of chicken and salad. Many thanks to the Hares for a great hash on a 'cyclonic' night.

Red Dress Run 16th February! We will be running in Lismore in support of the local charity Southern Cross LADS. More details on this worthy charity on their website:

Make sure you wear a Red Dress - this is a fun run for charity!

Receding Hareline

16.02.2015 - Red Dress Run!
23.02.2015 - Susan Rayner
02.03.2015- Geoff Laubalestier
09.03.2015- Leah Manning
16.03.2015 - Garry and Alison Euston
23.03.2015 - Bob Arnull
30.03.2015 -Vicky Farrelly

WINTER CAMP - 2nd and 3rd May 2015 at the Clarence Gorge ( - check it and and save the date for your diary!!!

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