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[Hhh] Next NRHHH Run 2nd February 2015

Hi Hashers

Next Run (no 1542 )
When - Monday 2nd February 2015 at 6pm 
Where - 18 Bahama Avenue, Alstonville
Hares - Retread and Hash Brown

Note: Please bring a chair

Last Run (no 1541 )
When - Monday 26th January 2015 at 4pm
Where - Goonengerry National Park
Hares - Goanna and Plugger

Australia Day! The perfect day to slog around Goonengerry National Park on a hot, humid day with rain clouds threatening from above. After meeting at Goonengerry school, a convoy of hash cars wound their way into the forest and parked at the original logging storage area. Once a dense cedar forest, the area was heavily logged in the late 19th century, as evidenced by the many rotting stumps of once magnificent trees. Still, it remains a fascinating forest to hash around and a big (for NRHHH!) group of runners, led from far behind by Hare Goanna, charged off. They were followed at a much more sedate pace by a large pack of walkers, led by Co-Hare Plugger.

After a short climb up the main fire trail, the walkers followed the runners along a narrow track through the bush, passing high termite mounds and a large cedar; probably felled at the end of the 19th century and left to lie on the ground ever since. At a check on the escarpment track the walkers were given a choice of a short walk or not-so-short walk Home. Everyone enthusiastically voted for the not-so-short walk and wandered up to a distant (but not too distant) waterfall . Saddle Sore led the walkers up the hill, with Retread and No More Gaps happily bringing up the rear. The walkers gasped with wonder at the stunning views across the valley. Miss Took, resplendent in her hash necklace, gasped with pain, having been bitten on the foot by an insect. Returning along the track, the walkers reached the nearest waterfall, where a couple of nubile feral nymphets were luxuriating naked in the pools above the waterfall. Well, they were until the hash walkers tumbled down the track. Surprisingly, they did not seem too pleased to see us. They were obviously illiterate, as they and their male friends (and dog), evidently could not read the 'No Dogs' sign at the park entrance. Leaving them behind, the walkers climbed the final hill, to be overtaken by the runners, led by Procol, on the final track back to the cars.

Whilst the walkers were gasping at the scenery, the runners were gasping for breath on the run. Several devious loops through the forest proved rather challenging. Lost With Space was well and truly lost, not knowing which way she had come from. Even Hash Brown was confused about where he was. Ian, sporting a bloody leg from a mis-encounter with an errant stick, really didn't care. Spin Cycle and Eva Moff actually seemed to be enjoying the run.

Back at the cars, Kate handed out icy poles, of varying degrees of icy-ness, as a few leeches were removed and near-bursting lungs allowed to settle back into their usual state of blissful breathing.

On Home at Goonengerry, the rain thankfully held off as a straggle of chairs were laid out in a circle.

Religious Advisor Upcycler, whose RA hat grows more spectacular by the week, called a Circle and gave a humorous rendition of the history of Australia before asked Slip It Up 'Er to talk about the walk. He said he found the walk 'Deja Vu', having seen many of the trees before. And before. Some of the gum trees were becoming quite recognisable from previous Goonengerry hash runs. As was one of the waterfalls (although, as many in the Circle pointed out, it did not have naked nubile feral nymphets on previous hashes). Eva Moff spoke about the run and noted that there were lots of gums but, as she spent most of the run following healthy fit bums (for which Hash Brown strangely nominated his own derriere), she did not really notice the forest. She did however remember a rather tough loop.

Down Downs were given to:

Goanna - Hare for a jolly and winding run through the forest 
Plugger - Co-Hare for the more sedate 'Two Waterfalls' walk
And Hash Visitors - Dr Death, Double Trouble, Mad Mike and Dry Spell - Welcome!

Hash Joke Master Bituman, wearing his new Hash Joke Master hat, entertained the Circle with a joke and his story of buying a red dress for the Red Dress Run. It was into Hash Nosh of sausage quiche and vegie quiche, followed by a great lemon freeze dessert. Another great Australia Day hash run and - if you missed it - there will, as Slip It Up 'Er noted, always be another chance next year!

Ready, steady....

Are Bituman's jokes really that serious?

Red Dress Run 16th February! We will be running in Lismore in support of the local charity Southern Cross LADS. More details on this worthy charity on their website:

Make sure you wear a Red Dress - this is a fun run for charity!

Receding Hareline

09.02.2015 - Kate Hallen (Kizz Me)
16.02.2015 - Red Dress Run!
23.02.2015 - Susan Rayner
02.03.2015- Geoff Laubalestier
09.03.2015- Leah Manning
16.03.2015 - Garry and Alison Euston
23.03.2015 - Bob Arnull
30.03.2015 -Vicky Farrelly

WINTER CAMP - 2nd and 3rd May 2015 at the Clarence Gorge ( - check it and and save the date for your diary!!!

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