Thursday, September 18, 2014

[Hhh] Next NRHHH Run 22nd September 2014

Hi Hashers,

Next Run (no 1522)
When - Monday 22nd September, 6pm 
Where - Tattersall Hotel, Keen St, Lismore
Hare - Kizzme (Kate)  - Birthday Run!

Last Run (no 1521)
When -Monday 15th September, 6pm 
Where - Northern Rivers Hotel, North Lismore
Hares - Goanna and Plugger

Note: AGPU (Annual General Piss Up) on Monday 27th October to select Hash Mismanagement Committee - free nosh and grog!

After the very wet and flat hash trail of the previous week, a different hash was in order so, on a beautifully clear night, with not a cloud in sight, the hash set off from the Northern Rivers Hotel. Hare Goanna led off the runners and Co-Hare Plugger sauntered behind with the walkers. Darkness fell within minutes of setting off as the hash wound past paddocks and the flood prone streets of Lismore. The runners quickly disappeared into the darkness. Hootu and HugMe were also wanting to quicken their pace, so they soon strode off ahead of the walkers, keenly following the marked trail.

As the walkers ventured onto the Bangalow Road, the number gradually decreased. When the Hares had said "no hills"(plural), they had failed to mention there was in fact a hill (singular); which was quite a large hill indeed. In anticipation of 'The Hill', some walkers peeled off the trail and made their own way home. The more adventurous and sturdy walkers, after a short hesitation at the foot of Donnans Road, which required some coaxing from Co-Hare Plugger before they would venture any further, ascended the slope up towards Lismore Heights. The view across the night-dark valley was stunning, with distant twinkling stars overhead. Not that anyone noticed. Slurrrr bravely put on a short spurt. Hootu and HugMe, who had been following the trail, manfully strode past, the incline barely slowing their pace. Turning up the increasingly steep road ( referred to as a 'pinch' by the Co-Hare), Draggin' The Chain showed she was made of sterling stuff, by not jumping into the car of a passing motorist, who was seeking directions. As he disappeared up towards the top of the hill,  Draggin' The Chain, perhaps, began to rue her fortitude. It certainly sounded as if she did.

Finally, the top of the hill was reached. The welcome lights of Lismore shone below. The stars, which seemed significantly nearer now than from at the bottom of the hill, twinkled more brightly. Descending, the walkers caught up with Hare Goanna, who had decided not to follow the runners as they ascended even further up towards Lismore Heights. The runners finally raced home, crossing the bridge at the same time as the walkers. A perfectly timed hash.

Back at the pub, the hash dined at a long table set out in the beer garden. Many of the walkers were already well into their meals, having earlier decided that the topography of Lismore Heights was only to be ascended when powered by a V8 engine. Still, the runners had really enjoyed their trip to the celestial heights, as had some of the walkers. It just took some time (a few days) for them to realise what a great hash trail they had enjoyed.

No Down Downs, as a pub run,but Hash Birthday wishes to RunnyMead (Enid) and Saddle Sore (Rod) for the coming week. 

Receding Hareline

29/09/2014                 Leah
6/10/2014                   Labour Day     Dame Edna and Africa, Tony's Cafe, Compton Drive, East Ballina at 3pm
27/10/14                     AGPU (Annual General Piss Up) and night to select a Hash Mismanagement Committee

NOTE: Bali Interhash  20-22 May 2016 - start saving now....


--   Rick Molloy  PO Box 95  Federal  NSW 2480  02 6684 9451

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