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[Hhh] Hash News - 30/06/2016

Hi Hashers,

Next Run (no 1511)
When - Monday 7 July, 6pm
Where - 60 Mountain View Dve, Goonellabah (off Bruxner Crescent)
Hares - Bituman (Patrick)

Last Run (no 1510)
When - Monday 30 June, 6pm
Where - 4 Coachwood Court, Alstonville
Hares - No More Gaps (Faye) & Saddle Sore (Rod)

Numbers were looking much better this week even though the temperature was still in the "brass monkey's" area of the thermometer.  We all gathered at the bottom of the drive looking longingly towards the firepit where a fire was expecting to be burning later

Saddle Sore notified the runners that there were no On Backs this run, only an arrow for the true path.  A group of 6 runners trotted off in search of the first arrow.  The walkers were not far behind with Saddle Sore leading.

It took a while before the runners were able to pull ahead of the walkers as it seemed that every intersection consisted of a two-way.  Yarnbomber (Dayle) again dropped back from the running group to the walking group so it was fortunate that the walkers were still around.

There were no reports of unusual activities occurring within the walking group, other than stumbling across a group of runners who had lost the trail and were wandering around aimlessly.  The walkers were more than happy to tell the runners where to go before continuing on their way.

Back at the circle (after a brief geometry lesson) Kizzme (Kate) was volunteered to report on the runners.  Kizzme though that it was a good run, if not a bit confusing towards the end when the on-back was found on the only section of the course that was not part of a two-way.  We have since been informed that that was an unofficial on-back and that the Hash Home had been missed.  Tea Bag (Leah) reported for the walkers and told everyone that the walk had been very enjoyable if not a bit cold.  Slurr (Fay) was accused of walking too fast and deserting the group, but she quickly clarified that she was simply walking fast because it was so cold.

Down-down's were given to:
No More Gaps - 250 hash runs and Host
Saddle Sore - Hare and Host
Muntoo - New shoes

Dinner was sausages and onions with tomato sauce, mustard or chilli sauce.  This was enjoyed by everyone as they stood around the fire and thawed out from the run.  Thanks to No More Gaps and Saddle Sore for a great run and awesome dinner afterwards.  A tops way to spend a Monday night.

NOTE: Bali Interhash  20-22 May 2016 - start saving now....

07/07/2014    Patrick Fitz-Bugden
14/07/2014    Leah
21/07/2014    Procol
28/07/2014    Narina and Phil Rowe

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