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[hhh] Hash News - 9/6/2014

Hi Hashers,

Next Run (no. 1508)
When:   16th June 2014 at 6pm
Where: 157 Invercauld Rd, Goonellabah
Hares : IMPULSE (Garry) and AUNTY LUSH (Alison)

NOTE:  Please bring a chair.

Last Run (no. 1507)
When:   9th June 2014 at 3pm
Where: 93 Rouse Mill Rd, Rouse Mill
Hares : Lost with space (Sue) and Space Cowboy (Steve)
Queen's Birthday run

Royalists and republicans alike gathered at Rouse Mill to help celebrate the birthday of the queen.  To get into the spirit of the day, hashers were asked to come dressed up to help celebrate the special occasion.  It was wonderful to see crowns, tiaras and other "queen-like" items of clothing being worn by various members.  We even had a corgy making an appearance.

The runners were led by Space Cowboy (Steve) and headed off into the macadamia trees while Lost with space (Sue) led the walkers off on a more respectable walk down the road.  The walkers and runners must have looked a site to passers-by, a rabble equipped in formal attire and crowns.

It didn't take long for the walkers to veer off the bitumen and head off cross country through another macas plantation.  Some of the steep inclines proved to be a challenge for the walking wounded amongst the group (I am looking at you Hash Brown (Peter)).  It wasn't long before the walkers reached a barb-wire fence, with the runners catching up with the walkers at about that point.

Procol (Gary) at this stage announced that he had given Yarnbomber (Dayle) a bit of a bum-steer. She had dropped off the end of the running group and Procol pointed her in the direction of where he (incorrectly) thought the walkers were going.  It was agreed that the walkers would eventually get to the point where Yarnbomber was heading and that we would meet up with her then.  Fortunately this proved correct, and a slightly miffed Yarnbomber was able to join the walkers for the remainder of the walk.

The trail took everyone across a few more properties before ending at a beautiful waterfall and large rock overhang/cave.  Some of the braver souls even crossed over the slippery rocks to get down close to the waterfall.  After that is was a simple meander back to base for the rest of the celebrations.

At the Circle, we were all blessed with a surprise appearance from her majesty herself (in the form of Aunty Lush (Alison)) who gave a wonderful speech about how impressed 'one' was wandering amongst all of the local nuts, and how much 'one' enjoyed viewing afore-mentioned nuts.  Munto (Paul) spoke about the run and gave the run a score of 7 out of 10.

Down Downs were given to:

Lost with Space - Hare and host/cook
Space Cowboy - Hare and host
Kizzme - New member Kate was given her hash name of Kizzme.  This name was a narrow winner over other suggested names "On-thingo" and "Deffa"

Lost with space kept with the theme of the day, serving bangers and mash with mushy peas and onion gravy, followed by Lemon Meringue Pie, all of which went down a treat. All in all, a great hash and a wonderful way to celebrate the long weekend.

NOTE: Bali Interhash  20-22 May 2016 - start saving now....

16/06/2014    Garry Euston and Alison Cleaver
23/06/2014    Gary - pub run, Mary G's
30/06/2014    Faye Benge and Rod Bailey
07/07/2014    Patrick Fitz-Bugden

On On!


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