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[hhh] Hash News - 2/6/2016

Hi Hashers,

Next Run (no. 1507)
When:   9th June 2014 at 3pm
Where: 93 Rouse Mill Rd, Rouse Mill
Ph: 6629 5408 (if you need directions)
Hares : Lost with space (Sue) and Space Cowboy (Steve)

Queen's Birthday run - Wear your regalia!
It doesn't matter whether you're a republican or a monarchist - it's a HOLIDAY!  Come dressed up to help celebrate this special occasion!  Make sure you bring along your songbooks (handed out at our 1500th run) and your singing voice to go along with it.


Last Run (no. 1506)
When:   2nd June 2014 at 6pm
Where: 23 Hurley Street, Lismore
Hares : Upcycler (Simon) and Yarnbomber (Dayle)

It wasn't the strongest turnout for a hash run, with only a dozen or so dragging themselves from the warmth of their homes to amble and stumble their way around Lismore and East Lismore.  The night was cloudless and a bit breezy when we all gathered out the front to start our walks/runs.  The running group was again struggling for numbers, with Procol, Bituman and Kate making up the numbers.  Upcycler handed them the map, pointed them in the right direction and left them to their devices.  Hare Yarnbomber verbally took the walkers in hand and they all disappeared off down the hill.

The trail took everyone across into East Lismore, and managed to take on a few short but noticeable hills to help get everyone's hearts pumping.  The runners found some interesting challenges along the course, including some unexpected speed humps almost bringing them undone.  The walkers also had some confusion around course markers, or to be more specific, Miss Took held true to her name sake, mistakenly identifying a sewer grate as a Hash Hold.

Close to the end of the trail, some of the walkers were distracted by the smell of cooked sausages on the Barbecue at the netball courts, and were considering offering a couple of dollars for one with onion and sauce.  Of course, this would have required actually having money, something which was in short supply at the time.

At the Circle, which was formed around a persistently annoying smoking fire, Slur volunteered to speak about the walk.  She reported that it was an enjoyable walk on a beautiful night.  The walk was a good distance with enough hills to make it interesting.

Procol spoke about the run, and commented on Whites Lane, and how he did not recall it ever being run down before.  The course was well marked with the map only needing to be referred to once at the traffic lights.

Down Downs were given to:

Upcycler -Setting the hash trail and host/cook
Yarnbomber - Hare for the walkers and host
Slur - for offering to give lap dances, and for giving Saddle Sore "a little woody" (which sounds like a good hash name to me)

Upcycler served up slightly burned Dahl with Papadams and home made mango chutney, nice and warming on a cool night. Many thanks to Upcycler and Yarnbomber for hosting the hash and a great night

NOTE: Bali Interhash  20-22 May 2016 - start saving now....

9/06/2014     Sue and Steve Miller - Queens Birthday
16/06/2014    Garry Euston and Alison Cleaver
23/06/2014    Gary - pub run, Lismore
30/06/2014    Peter and Alison Brown

On On!


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