Tuesday, February 18, 2020

[nrhhh] NRHHH social night of barefoot bowls flyer attached

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

[nrhhh] Hash Trash attached

Next Week

17/2/2020 – Polarised and Hootu, 34 Trinity Dv, Goonellabah

For those of you who do not want to traipse up the hill, meet outside Bituman's house in Mountain View Drive.

Receding Hareline

24/2/2020 – Goanna and the Water Babies

2/3/2020 – Spin Cycle and Hash Brown

9/3/2020 – Lost With Space and Space Cowboy

Upcoming Events

Social night Saturday 29/2/2020 at 5pm.  Barefoot bowls at Lismore Bowling Club, Spinks Park.  Bowls provided.  Bar open for drinks.  RSVP to Spin Cycle ssrayner@gmail.com


For another year, Anna is cycling 1360kms to help raise money to support those with a mental illness.  In 2019 the Zoo2Zoo ride raised $150,000 for the Black Dog Institute and, over the last couple of years, Anna has raised almost $4000.  Your support of the cause would be appreciated.

Anna's fundraising page: https://zoo2zoo2020.everydayhero.com/au/anna or see Anna.

Thursday, February 06, 2020

[nrhhh] Hash Trash - Run 1808 - 03/02/2020

Hi all,

This week's hash trash attached.

On On


Next Run (no. 1809)-      Monday 10/02/20 – Slurr & Help Me – 40 Riverview Ave, West Ballina



Receding hareline-          17/02/20 – Runnymead

                                                24/02/20 – Water Babies run

                                                02/03/20 – Spincycle & Hash Brown

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

[nrhhh] Hash social night

Hi Hashers

The Committee thought it would be good to include a couple of separate social nights during the course of the year.  We liked the suggestion of barefoot bowls. Possibly it's not something many of us have tried but those who have said it was lots of fun.

I have made inquiries with Lismore City Bowling Club at Spinks Park.  They have Saturday 29th February available and suggest 5pm as a good time.  They would supply the bowls, we would buy drinks at the bar and Hash would provide some nibbles.  If we have 20 people the cost would only be $5 ea.  Any less people and there would be a Club hire charge.

I am supposing that there might be future dates also available but we would like to do it before the end of daylight saving.

Please take a moment to email me whether you are interested in barefoot bowls and whether Saturday 29th February suits or a later date would be better.

In the meantime, I have penciled in 29th Feb.  Please let me know ASAP.

on on
On Sec
Spin Cycle

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

[nrhhh] Hash Trash for run 1807 - 27/01/2020

Hi all,

Hash Trash from Monday attached.

On On


Next Run (no. 1808)-      Monday 03/02/20 – Yarnbomber & Upcycler – 23 Hurley St Lismore

                                                Bring a chair


Receding hareline-          10/02/20 – Slurr

                                                17/02/20 – Runnymead

                                                24/02/20 – Water Babies run

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

[nrhhh] Hash Trash – Run 1806 – Monday 20/01/2020

Hi all,

This week's hash trash attached.

Next Run (no. 1807)-      Monday 27/01/20 – Plugger & Goanna – 86 Mafeking Rd, Goonengerry

                                                Note – 4pm start

                                                Theme – Australia Day Run – so wear something Strine

Parking - park outside the gate if you want to avoid the usual parking chaos - otherwise, you are welcome to park inside

Contact (if you get lost) – 0409 768 015 (will be happy to tell you where to go!)


Receding hareline-          03/02/20 – Upcycler & Yarnbomber

                                                10/02/20 – Slurr

                                                17/02/20 - Runnymead

Inline image

Friday, January 17, 2020

[nrhhh] Alternative Root's Alternative Hash - yoga??

Happy New Year Hashers - better late never!

My brain's still recovering from its little bang on the head so no Hash walks or down downs for me for a while yet. Maybe just yoga for now. Might catch up with some of you individually instead. Less light, noise, activity etc etc for me. 

Tassie was great. Scenery, weather, animals, food etc. Just not too good for my brain. Procol/Wizz is still on his way back home. Thought this might save him having to answer too many questions at Monday's run.

Alternative Root

Thursday, January 16, 2020

[nrhhh] Hash Trash for run 1806, 13/01/2020.

Hi all,

This week's Hash Trash is attached.

On On


Next Run (no. 1806)-      Monday 20/01/20 – Hootu – SCU Herb Garden, Rifle Range Rd East Lismore.



Receding hareline-          27/01/20 – Plugger & Goanna – Australia Day Run

                                                03/02/20 – Upcycler & Yarnbomber

                                                10/02/20 – Slurr


Wednesday, January 08, 2020

[nrhhh] Red chair

Hi hashers,

A red chair was left behind at Meldrum Park. I have it at my place.

Spin  Cycle Sue

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

[nrhhh] Meldrum Park Hash Trash 6th January 2020

Hello Hashers

Hash Trash attached.



Next Run (no. 1805) -      Monday  13/01/20 – Feel Free  – Federal
Hotel, Alstonville
Receding Hareline     -     20/01/20 – Hootu - Goonellabah
                                           27/01/20 – Plugger and
Goanna - Goonengerry

PO Box 95
NSW 2480
0409 768 015